If you have spent any amount of time scrolling through Instagram you will have seen the enviable shots of beautiful people, in beautiful places, doing beautiful things. But I bet you never think about the person taking those shots, one million times.

These shots are done by the poor beleaguered Instagram Husband, although we use the term ‘husband’ loosely, as the person taking shots can range from husband to best friend, and in really desperate times – the waiter or barman. So for every carefree and totally relaxed natural picture you see on Instagram, there is a Significant Other taking repeated shots from nearly the exact same angle to get that perfect picture.

The Start of Instagram Support

Before Instagram, a bathroom selfie with mandatory duckface was the norm on Facebook or Myspace pages. But with the rise of Instagram and the focus of this app being entirely about images, or your image, assistance in taking the perfect selfie has become key.

Instagram was launched in 2010, and the rise of the Instagram Star happened pretty fast and people quickly moved on from duckface selfies and out of focus pictures of salads. The evolution happened nearly overnight, and stunning pictures of Vento Lattes and gorgeous women reclining on tropical beaches became the norm. And once we realised the marketability of the Instagram star, the star also quickly realised the need for a support team – enter the Instagram Husband. From a Sunday brunch to a weekend away, to playing slots at a casino and winning the jackpot, any and every normal daily event is instagramable, and the Instagram Husband should be alert for the opportunity.

The Instagram husband is a man of many talents, much patience and is a long-suffering silent unseen support system.

So if you have never thought about what goes on behind each stunning Instagram picture and your SO thinks Instagram it might be good idea to get into, have a look at the job spec for Instagram Husband:

Instagram Support Team CV requirements:

As a support of a budding Insta star, you will need the following skill set:

Mandatory requirements

  • Patience – taking the same picture 500 times can be trying.
  • Creativity – You need to think out of the box – take a picture upside down in front of a post box – make it different.
  • Perseverance – sometime the picture will not please the star, so keep it up…all day.
  • Physically fit – walking through an entire town taking pictures sounds restful, its not. Also constantly squatting to take a picture requires thighs of steel.
  • Physically fit 2.0 – It also helps if you have abs of steel/are super hot yourself as you can be used as a prop in photos!
  • No Shame – look if you’re going to get embarrassed every time your significant other needs you to take a picture of her in front of a shop front/pretty meal/or with lips locked, you need to find alternative employment.
  • IT knowledge – No we are not talking Dev-C or other coding software, you need to be able to use apps like VSCO and Photoshop to get the saturation levels perfect. Apps like Snapseed will also be your new best friend.

Advantageous requirements

  • Photography degree – Also helps if you have worked for Vogue or Cosmopolitan, have a great knowledge of lighting and keep up to date with modern trends.
  • Fashion degree – you need to know what looks good!
  • Connections – Living a beautiful life can be expensive; having connections for freebies is helpful


  • No mention in the credits (probably not even a Hashtag!)
  • Pictures of your SO that others will envy.
  • Gratitude from the Instagram star.

The Instagram Machine

All joking aside, people who can actually acquire a large following on Instagram can make some serious money. So the time and effort placed into making your SO look fabulous on Instagram can be worth it. From endorsements to pay for advertising, there is big money to be made, so if you have the skill set and a beautiful partner, you should look into this career.

But if you can, try keep to your normal hobbies – play football, join a running club, taking up needlepoint. And if your significant other looks interested in Instagram – I suggest you start taking truly terrible pictures #justsaying.


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