If you’re looking to travel all the way to Europe for some fun casino gaming, then the UK is a great place to start. Lucky Nugget have taken a peek at the 155 gambling facilities available in Great Britain, and we’ve picked out the five best UK casinos.

London is the hotspot for tourists looking to do some gambling, boasting 27 gambling facilities. England as a whole has 137 of the gambling venues – but that doesn’t mean that Scotland or Wales should be overlooked, either.

The Hippodrome Casino, London, England


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In the heart of the City of Westminster, the Hippodrome casino was built in 1990 as a variety show venue. In its time, the venue has seen artists as diverse as Charlie Chaplin, Julie Andrews, Frank Sinatra and Diana Ross perform there – and since 2009, it’s been leased as a casino. It’s become one on the Capital’s premier casinos, and even won the Best Land-based Casino at the Totally Gaming Awards in 2013.

British casinos in general tend to be smaller than their overseas counterparts, and thus provide a much more intimate atmosphere. In The Hippodrome, there’s 123 gaming machines and 45 tables games. Grab a seat and play Casino War, Midi Punto Banco or Pai Gow in one of the world’s most charming venues.

Les Croupiers Casino, Cardiff, Wales


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Locals know this place as The Croups, and it’s a mid-sized UK casino which nonetheless has a large draw. It’s one of the largest independent casinos, operating outside of a chain or brand (such as Genting), and as such people from all over Wales and the West of England rush to have a flutter at the venue.

Les Croupiers was established in 1968, making it a mainstay and elder statesman of the UK’s casino scene. The poker room is especially a draw: there are 20 tables, catering to up to 200 players, as well as regular league seasons for players to get involved in. But if you fancy something a little different, there are also all the best-loved table games, as well as the more niche choice of Mahjong.

Genting International Casino, Birmingham, England


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London once had the largest casino in the UK, but the second-biggest city, Birmingham, had to top them. The casino complex spans almost 5.8 million square feet and seven stories, while the games floor is a much more reasonable 59,810 square feet.

The casino has more than 100 HD gaming machines in the casino, including slots and video poker among other different digital games. 31 live gaming tables offer a variety of games, but the rest of the complex is also designed to be appealing to visitors. There are around 50 shops, many different bars and restaurants, a spa, and even a cinema. What more could a gamer want?

The Alea, Glasgow, Scotland


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Owned by the international Caesers Entertainment Group – which has properties across North America and Africa as well as the UK – Alea Glasgow brings a sense of Vegas class to gambling in Scotland. The tasty restaurants, chic bars and high limits bring gamers from all over the place to come game. You can bet as little as £0.01 or as much as £10,000.

There are 60 games machines available for players to use, as well as 21 games tables to host several different games concurrently. The casino makes the most of its 9,000 square feet of gambling space, by including many different options for its players to enjoy. There’s room for 1,800 gamblers here, so dinner reservations could be a good idea.

The Casino at The Empire, London, England


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At 55,000 square foot, The Empire’s gaming floor has plenty of space for entertainment and machines spread out over two different floors. It’s also the busiest casino in the UK, thanks to its prime Leicester Square position.

The casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it ideal for gamers who like to make the most of the whole night. There’s more than 100 games machines, 50 gaming tables, four bars and lounges, a pan-Asian restaurant, and a dedicated poker room. If you’re looking for a classic British casino, The Empire is the epitome of grace.

Even though the best British casinos are small on a global scale, they are mighty. A personal, classy experience will await you at any of the UK’s top casinos. In the meantime, you can enjoy the thrill of playing at Lucky Nugget Casino, if you can’t visit any of these great venues.

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