Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games around. Players have been spinning the wheel, crossing their fingers and hoping that the ball would land on their lucky number for years. However, there are two versions of the game; American and European roulette.

Yet, there are some key differences between the two approaches which we will outline here.

History of American and European roulette

The origins of roulette are believed to date back all the way to the 1700s in France, where the game was invented. Initially it began with a wheel containing a zero and a double zero, something we would later associate as American roulette. Although, the first actual wheels in America are said to have adopted the zero, double zero and an eagle to represent American liberty, making it even harder to win!

It wasn’t until 1843 that the first single zero wheel was played on in Germany, which is extremely similar to the European game we now play. Of course, over the years there has been slight adaptations but the overall style of the game has barely changed.


More chance of winning with European roulette

When it comes to the significant difference between American and European roulette, it is the amount of numbers on the wheel. We’ve briefly mentioned it, but when you play the American version there are 38 numbers on the wheel. They are 0-36 and a double zero. Whereas, the European version has 37, with numbers from 0-36.

It might not seem a big difference to you, but the house edge when you play European roulette is 2.7% compared to 5.26% when you play the American game. House edge refers to the advantage that the house has over you with each bet, and applied over a large scale it means the average person would lose £2.70 for every £100 they stake in the European game and £5.26 on the American game.

Each individual number is paid out at 35/1, whilst various other bets such as red or black and odd or even are paid out at evens. So, there’s no need to be worried that you’ll miss out on different types of bets, as both games cover a range of options. Plus, those odds don’t differ depending on the type of game, which is how the house edge increases in the American game.

Therefore, purely from a odds perspective it makes much more sense to play European roulette. Whilst the fun, tension and excitement that roulette provides will be replicated on either game, you are decreasing your chances of winning by playing American roulette.


Ultimately, that’s the reason why European roulette is, or should be, more popular. You’re giving yourself a better chance to win. You can check out all the online roulette options with Lucky Nugget Casino, and whichever game you play, you’re sure to be entertained!

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