Just playing at a casino for the experience is a treat in itself. There’s truly no experience in the world quite like settling in for a great, long session at the tables or the slots. And yes, you want to win. You want to win big.

With all the games at Lucky Nugget Casino, you can visit your own virtual casino any time, any where. But whether you play online or in a
land based casino, there’s one thing everyone is secretly hoping for, and that’s the huge win. Not a win to send you home smiling, this is a win that will change your life forever.

Here we show you three of the biggest casino wins in Canada, where lucky folks walked away with life-changing money.

Incredible $4.7 million win!

In 2008 one man walked into Woodbine Racetrack Casino, Toronto and played the $1 Megabucks slot machine. Sometime later he wandered out with an incredible $4,755,436.56. We still don’t know the guy’s name as he decided to keep it quiet, exiting the casino shortly after being presented with the huge cheque.

Accidents do pay off – in the form of a $33,858 win!


A couple of years ago in 2015, Shirley Lima managed to make a couple of accidental presses of a slot button turn into a $33,858 win at the OLG Casino Thousand Islands. Sometimes getting it wrong can end up ever so right! Lima usually played penny slots, but after some small wins there she decided to switch to five-cent machines. Reaching down to get her drink she accidentally hit max-bet to wager $11.25. Not noticing, she played this a few times before realising her mistake and seeing she’d just landed 34 free spins, which turned into another 160 free spins, eventually giving this senior a fabulous payout.

3 mins later, and $1 million in the bank!

Lima might have turned an accident into a long run at the slots, but Casida Polk took just 3 minutes to turn $20 into $1million on a Mighty Millionaire slot at Fallsview Casino. Now that’s some hourly rate!

So, what are you waiting for? Get to our great slots or casino games here at Lucky Nugget Casino. It could be your lucky day!

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