The Best Water Parks Around The World

When summer time comes round and you’ve just remembered just how hot it can get, there really is only one comforting thought to keep you sane; a water park. There is water, of course, and plenty of it, which is certainly a good start. But in this day and age it takes much more than just a bit of water to be impressive.

Water slides are a given, artificial wave pools a must, and a nice interesting theme to wrap it all up is definitely a bonus. But which are the most impressive water parks in the world, and hold the cure for a heat wave that seems like it might just melt the rubber off your shoes? Let’s find out!

Wet N’ Wild Water World – Australia

Wet N’ Wild Water World
Source: The Theme Park Guy

It doesn’t get much more impressive than Wet N’ Wild Water World, located on the Gold Coast of Australia. Though the beaches in the Queensland area often get major attention, this enormous water park is also certainly worth checking out.

The focus of the park is on thrill rides, with the four-person slide often drawing the most attention, although there are single person slides and super tubes for the less adventurous. The Kamikaze, the Tornado and Mach 5 are perfect for those seeking out an adrenalin rush, and as an added plus the park is open all year, as the water is heated.

Wild Wadi Water Park – Dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park
Source: Dubai Online

Located in the United Arab Emirates, Wild Wadi Water Park is part of an effort to turn the metropolis into an attractive travel destination for all ages. As far as water parks go, this is a world-class establishment, offering thrill rides for adventure seekers, and veritable water wonderlands for children.

This park has bee featured in TV series like The Amazing Race and has some of the tallest slides in the world. You can brave a 21 m (69 ft) drop or you can slide down slides like Tantrum Alley & Burj Surj, or you can paddle in the pools and cool off if you prefer.

Sunway Lagoon – Kuala Lumpur

Sunway Lagoon

Kuala Lumpur is another part of the world that has been investing millions into attracting tourists, and established the phenomenal Sunway Lagoon is part of this drive. Divided into three sections, each with its own theme of Nickelodeon, Water Park or Lost Lagoon, you couldn’t ask for a more fitting environment to face the sweltering tropical heat. The rides are also amazing and there’s the Grand Canyon River Rapids, African Pythons and Tomahawk slides to mention just a few.

Plus, don’t forget the artificial beach, which boasts a few thousand tons of real sand for that authentic seaside feeling. Parents can while away the day here while their kids splash about, giving them the perfect opportunity to catch up on their reading or play a bit of online Roulette on their mobile. The only feature that would make this water park even more impressive would be if it housed a casino too!

Noah’s Ark Water Park – USA

Noah’s Ark Water Park
Source: Roadtrippers

Over to the United States now, where you know everything has to be bigger and better. So of course Noah’s Ark Water Park is one of the biggest in the world, and easy to get lost in!

You won’t mind though, given that there is a remarkable variety of activities to enjoy. The park boasts over 50 slides in total, as well as 2 artificial wave pools, and 2 lazy rides that focus on relaxation over thrills. Monkey Rapids, Toucan Twister, Black Anaconda and Tie warp are just some of the slides that will get your blood pumping, and new slides are added on an on going basis.

You wanted a cherry on top? The park is home to the world’s largest King Cobra dual slide, and a ride on this ‘watercoaster’ is renowned for being a once in a lifetime experience.

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