Chocolate connoisseurs swear by only the best cocoa in their treats. So if you have a sweet tooth we suggest you check out some of the priciest ways to indulge your chocolate craving!

These chocolates are either expensive to produce or extremely rare in quantity, or both. Some even cheat a bit by adding extras to the package. Let’s get stuck in.

5.Richart Valentines Chocolates

Richarts Valentines Chocolates

If you are willing to pay $77 dollars for 50 miniature chocolates then you must truly love your Valentine’s Day partner. Richart mini choc treats are made from 73% pure Venezuelan chocolate and the main draw is the unique flavours they come in.

You can find Balsam, roasted, spicy, floral, citrus and herbal aromas in these unique chocolates. Choc fans also get a 73 page booklet about the chocolates to read while you wolf down your treats.

4.Knipschilde Truffle Box

Knipschilde Truffle Box

One of the most decadent chocolates on this list, Knipschilde Madeline Truffle Chocolate shows its quality with its $250 price tag.

This chocolate is made from a single batch of Ecuador sourced dark chocolate. It features cream infused ganache with Italian truffle oil. The delicacy also includes a 1.5 ounce Perigord truffle that retails for thousands of dollars per pound.

3.To’ak Chocolate

To’ak Chocolate
Source: LA Times

Another Ecuadorian sourced chocolate, the To’ak chocolate is made in seasonal batches, like wine. The 2014 edition of this dark chocolate came with a special 116 page booklet, a Spanish elm box and the 81% Dark Chocolate along with the chocolate’s unique production number embossed on the packaging.

Only 574 bars were produced and what adds even more rarity to To’ak chocolate is the fact that the cocoa comes from a special 1000 acre forest, with trees that have been around since before 1916 when a fungal infection destroyed much of the surrounding cocoa forest. These choc bars retail for around $260.

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2.DeLafee’s Gold Box

DeLafee’s Gold Box
Source: Worthly

DeLafee’s Switzerland Gold Chocolate box retails for $330. It contains 8 chocolates. It includes a silk lined wooden box and a Swiss national bank gold coin. The chocolates themselves have 24-carat gold foil wrapped into them. This package is an example where chocolatiering loses the plot for me.

You only get 8 chocolates with more than half of the value of this package being spent on extras, which to my mind distracts from indulging in pure chocolate goodness.

1.Debauve And Gallais

Debauve And Gallais
Source: Fox News

This French chocolatier celebrated its 200 year anniversary in 2000 and to mark the occasion, they went all out.

They released a $550, 35 chocolate package that included a gold embossed leather book which serves as the container for your decadent tray of chocolate treats.

Got a hankering for something sweet now?

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