British racing pro Lewis Hamilton was disappointed with his treatment at the Auckland Casino – although he was accused of breaking dress code rules.

Hamilton blasts SkyCity casino in Auckland

This year’s F1 winner Lewis Hamilton has blasted the SkyCity casino after locking horns with staff over what he was wearing.

The F1 star has accused staff of treating him ‘like dirt’ after they insisted he remove his cap and sunglasses. You wouldn’t get that when playing online, would you Lewis?

Certainly not smiling now is he? #moody

The fashion concerned gentleman and triple champion had travelled through Auckland ahead of Sunday’s opening race in Australia.

In a post that he later deleted he complained: ‘Don’t ever go to the sky city casino in Auckland, they treated me like dirt.’

‘Can’t believe how rude they were. Worst casino experience ever.’

Sky City cower to the celebrities complaint

There’s such thing as bad publicity, and the SkyCity Casino aimed to appease the celebrity by apologising.

‘So sorry to hear @lewishamilton didn’t have a good time with ls last night. We pride ourselves on being good hosts – we’re following up with him.”

Of course, after a bit of backtracking, Hamilton might have realised that he did in-fact break the dress code, which requires all guest to remove their sunglasses and hats for security reasons!

Yeah, we're just as shocked at your behaviour Lewis #upset
Yeah, we’re just as shocked at your behaviour Lewis #upset

According to sources in the area, staff point-blank realised to bend the rules for the racing star, and wanted him to ‘stick to usual customer service protocol.’

And just like that, the tweet was deleted and in what seems like the biggest u-turn of the century, Hamilton wrote ‘Thank you for having me Auckland even though it was way too short, I’ll be back tho!’

Hamilton will be jetting into Australia ahead of Sunday’s race, where he is favourite to be the first British driver to win three championships in a row.

Just goes to show that even some of the biggest names have to adhere to the rules when playing at the casino! Doesn’t that make you feel a little more human! What do you think, is it one rule for them? Let us know in the comments below!

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