Having a collection is a great thing to commit to, according to many psychologists around the world. It is a healthy thing a person can obsess over, and will help that person invest their energy into something meaningful. Although, those psychologists may not have been talking about the collections on this list!

From the utterly outrageous, to the completely over the top, these are some of the biggest, most bizarre collections in the world. We are not, of course, suggesting that these collections don’t have any value, just that they probably lean towards being a bit on the odd side. Either way, they are all impressive, even if we don’t quite see the appeal of some of them.

Animal Penises

Imagine waking up one day, having your coffee, gazing out the window, and deciding that you have a calling in life; collecting animal penises. Sound bizarre to you? Well, not to Icelandic man Sigurdur Hjartarson. He decided that the world needed a collection of animal penises, and got right on track gathering up his collection.

His collection boasts an impressive 143 penises, and is growing steadily. And if you were wondering, no, he doesn’t have a human penis. Yet. Apparently those are a bit difficult to come by, but Sigurdur has put out an invitation to any who would like to make a donation. Well, what are you waiting for? This man has a collection to finish, stop being so selfish.

Celebrity Human Hair

A penis collection is weird, but a human hair collection is a different type of bizarre. Not just any hair, of course, only those belonging to celebrities. In all seriousness, however, the collection does have some rather incredible pieces. It boasts real hair from Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and even Marilyn Monroe. How the hair of Abraham Lincoln was obtained, we don’t know, but care not to think about it.

Either way, the collection is bizarre, but still very impressive in it’s own right. After all, hair lasts for a very, very long time, and there can hardly be a better way of immortalising an interesting celebrity.

Coca-Cola Tins

Human hair and penises is obviously the collection focus of strange people, this we can agree on. But is it better to have the world’s biggest collection of unique Coca-Cola tins? In a way, it’s probably more socially acceptable; this much is obvious. But really, when you have a collection of 10,558 Coca-Cola tins, you might be leaning a bit into the obsessive territory.

But then you learn about how much some of his rarest tins sell for, between $400 and $500, and realise that it isn’t so difficult to understand as you think. The whole collection is probably worth an enormous amount of cash, and that really does explain why a person would go to so much effort. Penises, however, may not be as valuable. Are they?

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