Easter is a time for celebration for Christians across the world and even if you aren’t religious, it often provides you with public holidays that can give you a well-deserved break. Whether you spend your days with your feet up playing on the Lucky Nugget Casino app or take a break away with the kids, it’s a welcome time of the year.

However, here we will be looking at the real meaning of Easter and looking at how it’s celebrated across the globe, including events over the past few days. From unusual rituals to packed out streets, there are many ways that the Easter period is marked.



The capital of Italy is a deeply religious part of the world and Vatican City is extremely popular for visitors at this time of year. Pope Francis led a service on Good Friday and delivered a speech to thousands of people who managed to get to St. Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday.



Around 20,000 people gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square to watch “The Passion of Jesus”, which covers the final period in the life of Jesus, including his arrest, trial and suffering before his crucifixion. It was free to watch and the production lasted 90 minutes in front of the packed crowd.



In South America, Easter is often celebrated with grand parades, with one significant parade taking place in Quito, Ecuador. It involves a range of bright colours and religious messages as they walk through the streets. As well as that, only churches and cathedrals are open on Good Friday.



Holy Week which begins from Psalm Sunday, is an important part of Mexican life. One of the most notable events is the Procession of Silence in San Luis Potosi, which takes place on Good Friday and mourns the passion of Christ. It begins at El Carmen Church and goes through the city. As you would expect with the name, nobody will speak during the walk, although there are sounds of instruments.



Now to a more bizarre ritual. Easter Monday is the final day of the holiday in Slovakia and it sees men follow the ancient tradition of pouring cold water over women when they answer the door. It’s supposed to ensure that the women will be healthy, fresh and smart for the next year. In return, the women will usually give the men a painted Easter egg!



Another unusual tradition occurs in Sweden on Maundy Thursday. Folklore alleges that witches flew off on broomsticks to party with the devil in Blakulla before Easter. This has resulted in children painting their faces, grabbing a broomstick and dressing up as witches before knocking on doors asking for treats. It sounds like Halloween, but it’s not!

That concludes some of the biggest events that have taken place over the Easter period. Of course, there are a lot more across the world, so if you think we’ve missed out many major Easter celebrations let us know in the comments section below.

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