Brody Jenner –  famous for being related to Caitlyn Jenner, and also being on that popular show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and, er, Bromance – has somehow, and don’t ask how, managed to swindle his own DJ residency with Devin Lucien at Drai’s nightclub, which is inside a casino, called The Cromwell, which is inside… no, we’re joking, he’s not playing inside a set of Russian dolls, although, we wish he was, because he’s not a DJ.

Unfortunately ladies, Brody has now settled down with blogger girlfriend Katilynn Carter. He is still a proper LADIES MAN though, so don’t be too worried. Apparently, according to sources high up in the music industry, DJ ‘spin-king’ Jenner won’t take his eyes off his girlfriend for one moment whilst jamming to his hundred or so fans. He is literally bare in love and all that. This is a mega relief for his girlfriend, who must be constantly worried that he’ll just abandon ship ‘cos he can get all da women. #playa2k16

CRUCIALLY, DJ Brody was spotted sporting his trademark thick beard whilst teaming up with the much coveted DJ Lucien. It can get a bit chilly sometimes and a thick beard is key to success in this truly brutal industry. Honestly, it wouldn’t be the same experience if DJ ‘top-of-the-pops’ Broadster was clean shaven on his HUGE debut.

Broady kicked off his ‘DJ career’ at the Tao nightclub with good mate and all-round cool guy DJ William Lifestyle. Of course, DJing is not only a lifestyle choice for DJ Broadster McJenner – DJ Lifestyle don’t know a thing! –  it’s his calling in life. He was born to jump up and down behind a set of decks, play shocking pop music and pretend to press buttons like he knows what he’s doing. #born4it

The hot-shot DJ superstar in the making has had a JAM PACKED schedule over the last year, playing at least one gig, or so it is rumoured. In October 2015, DJ ‘mental-head’ Jenner took part in Hugh Hefner’s annual Halloween bash, and no, we’re not talking about Hugh’s love life, we’re talking about the best, most mental party ever.  He rocked the playboy mansion, apparently, keeping Hefner up all night.

He’s even got mummy’s approval, with Linda Thompson paying bare respect to DJ Mumminkin’s mad skills.

‘He is quite honestly the sickest DJ in the world,’ his mother is reported to have said, although we think that someone has just made that up*.

Appaz, according to some hip tweets, she is ‘his number one groupie’ and is #unapologetic, although we still don’t forgive her and #proudmom, which, let’s be honest, is no big deal; my mother is proud when I wash the dinner pots.

So, yeah, this is news nowadays. Keep up to date with all the very best “news” about DJ Brody and other things that are well important in the world. has the latest swoop on everything. Honestly. #thebestaround

*we, er, made that up. Soz.

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