Slot machines are popular all around the world and have different names depending on where they are. Here in Germany, spielautomats are big business and casinos across Germany have recently gone under new regulations in their uses of the popular machines.

But what about all around the rest of the world? Lucky Nuggets takes a look, so you don’t have to.



We all know about Las Vegas – the city known throughout the world for slot machines located inside magical and lively casinos. The phrase ‘slot machine’ first comes from the original Liberty Bell that was invented in the USA. Though we expect slot machines in Vegas,
and in America, they’re all over the world. They’re not the same everywhere either.

Britain and Europe

In Britain slot machines are found in clubs, arcades and pubs. The machines are also often called fruit machines or AWP which stands for amusement with prizes. They’re even referred to as Pokies. The slot machines have three or six reels with fruit emblems; similar to the American slot machines the reels spin and if the winning combination lands then you have won.

Slot machines in Britain are different in that they offer extra elements with trails and added games. This gives the player more chances to win additional money, but there are limits to how much can be won. The most a machine will pay out depends on the kind of machine it is and where it is located, however a general maximum is around the £25 mark. These types of slot machines are played in other countries which include the Czech Republic (automat) and Ukraine (ihrovyy avtomat).


Japan has embraced slot machine (surottomashin) type gambling, after World War II a game called Pachinko was invented in Nagoya. They are a slot and pinball machine in one and are widely available in pachinko parlours.


In Australia gambling has become very popular, the slot machines are referred to as poker machines or pokies (like in Britain) and the official term is Gaming Machines. Slot machines in Australia are video style and have five reels. They use added on bonuses and additional screens which offer free and bonus games. Allowing multiple line play, depending on how many coins the player gambles, they are a little more exciting than their British counterpart. These can go up to 50 lines, or 243 ways to win games, which essentially do away with paylines altogether.



Macau, a region on the south coast of China is famous for its clean casinos. In China, slot machines are known as Lǎohǔjī. The city’s revenue is based on casino gambling. This city is similar to Las Vegas in America and a lot of the casinos built in Macau are owned by the same Las Vegas casino owners – who knew?!


Russia has legalised gambling, however the government has placed restrictions on where gambling can take place. The allowed regions are the Kaliningrad, the Altay republic, the Primorie and Krasnodar territory. At one time 120 casinos were open in Russia and slot machines (igrovoy avtomat) were available in railroad stations and grocery stores.

Slot Machines – Worldwide Fun!


So, it’s not just here in Germany that we enjoy spinning reels and winning jackpots. Slot machines are enjoyed around the world, from Britain and the USA to China and Russia. Why not have a spin or two at Lucky Nuggets Casino today and join the worldwide fun?

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