Playing blackjack is as challenging as it is entertaining and if you play your cards right you could end up with some nice wins. However, even though it’s a fairly easy game to play, there are several ways you can increase your chances of winning.

Here, we will rundown six tips that will help you when you next hit the tables with Lucky Nugget Casino. From staying cool to having fun, these simple tips could help you go a long way when it comes to online blackjack.

Understand the game

This may seem an obvious one, but make sure you know the game before you play. As mentioned, it’s fairly simple to understand, but if you begin playing without knowing all aspects of the game, you could be throwing money away.

Take your time, learn the rules and make sure you completely understand how each aspect of the game works. You can play blackjack 24/7, so don’t rush things! Learn the game inside out, the benefits are obvious in the long run.

Know when to split

Following on from that, as you begin to learn about the game you will see that one of the most important decisions you can make surrounds knowing when to split. Of course, some scenarios will be easy, such as always splitting aces and never splitting 10s, but it can be a lot trickier with other pairs.

Ensuring you know how it works and also what pairs you should split could seriously impact the outcome of the game. So, make sure you prepare for each possible outcome and weigh up what the dealer has before splitting.

Split in blackjack

Don’t take insurance

The use of insurance in blackjack is often debated. It allows you the chance to win at odds of 2 to 1 if the dealer gets blackjack, meaning you won’t suffer a loss. However, it’s generally not worth it, particularly when you play online and it might be just you against the dealer.

With so many cards left to choose from, the chance of turning over a card to land blackjack will be slim, therefore it’s not worth risking more money on that hand. The only time it should be considered when you play online is if a table is full and you can see that not many high cards are on show.

Use your head

With key decisions made by the player likely to significantly determine the outcome of each hand, it’s vital you think with a clear head and don’t take unnecessary risks. That can particularly apply to deciding whether to hit or not. Look at what the dealer has, assess your hand and make a calculated choice.

Rushing in, or hitting in the hope the outside chance will land can lead to poor results. Instead, use your head and think what the logical decision will be. It may not work out every time but over a longer period you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of leaving with some winnings.


Remember to have fun!

Finally, blackjack is all about having fun. Sure, you need to understand the aspects of the game, but you also need to remember that it’s about entertainment. Don’t get caught up with and play for hours and hours if you aren’t enjoying it.

Instead, take a step back and come back when you’re ready. We’ve already said how blackjack is accessible all the time, so be sure to make the most of it and enjoy playing the classic casino game!

Ultimately, nothing can guarantee success in blackjack and is part of what makes it enthralling. The unpredictability and unknown of the next card will grip the players. However, even though these six steps won’t guarantee anything, they should increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

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