As an online and mobile casino, Lucky Nugget Casino always need to stay on top of all the new tech developments. And, 2017 sees the mobile phone world getting excited about one thing: the Samsung Galaxy S8. Though there are no official details yet, this is everything we know about the phone so far. However, be sure to stay tuned to our blog, because our tech experts will bring you more news as we hear it.

Targeting new buyers

Samsung had a rough 2016, thanks to the Note 7’s tendency to catch fire or explode. Thankfully, the Galaxy S7 didn’t have any of these explosive problems. The Galaxy S8 might share some technology with its predecessor, but it’s also trying to be new and innovative.

With fierce competitors, it’s trying to lure buyers away from Apple and other premium smartphones and back to buying Samsung phones. To that end, the S8 is aiming to target the top end of the market. The company is using it as a flagship phone, to push forward their new agenda of trustworthiness. They need buyers to have faith in the company – and the Galaxy S8 might just deliver.

The S8 will probably be released by late March or early April. There was some speculation that it would launch at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, but an official spokesperson squashed that idea in an official statement.

Mobile specs

samsung galaxy s8

There’s no official specs on the phone yet, save for some leaked images which may or may not be accurate. The most important thing though seems to be size: Samsung are going for the thinner, slimmer phone.

Screen size is the main draw: potential leaked images show the screen as taking up almost all of the phone’s display, eliminating the bands at the top and bottom usually reserved for the Samsung branding and the home button respectively. The screen is potentially going to be 5.8 inches – slightly larger than the S7’s 5.7 inches – and rising to 6.2 inches on the S8 Edge. Twitter user Benjamin Geskin created the rendered image, shown above, based on rumoured information.

There also may not be any audio jack. People who want to listen to audio will have to use USB connected headphones (maybe through an adapter), or have wireless Bluetooth-connected headsets. It may be impossible to charge your S8 while listening to music.

Another positive aspect is the rumoured Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm powerhouse chip. It claims to have better specs all round: it’s smaller, faster, can take better photos and charges up to 30% faster.

The downsides

As a premium smartphone, the S8 is going to have a hefty price tag. And that’s not the only thing potential buyers are worried about.

Firstly, with the chassis becoming smaller, there’s a chance the Samsung branding could move. One rumour speculates that the display itself will have the word Samsung emblazoned into it, which could really limit the functionality of the larger screen and cost the company some customers.

The second problem is the fingerprint reader. It’s a cool feature that LG have been using since last May, but it’s potentially going to be located on the back of the phone. If it’s next to the rear camera, it’ll be hard to reach. And even worse, people are bound to accidentally rub their fingers on the camera – making all your photos blurry.

We’re sure that Samsung’s new phone will be great for casino gamers, as it’ll show fantastic images and run even more complicated games with ease. But without any further information, who knows if it’ll change Samsung’s fortunes or not.

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