The casino operator Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited have recently revealed that they have signed a deal with a local developer that will see a new casino and entertainment facility arriving in the northern Canadian city of Sudbury.

In total, the complex could cost more than $45m, however it should bring plenty of benefits to the area. Here we outline what the proposed deal includes.

Sudbury casino could be first of many

The initial proposals began in December after the operator signed a 20-year deal with the state-run Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. This would see the opening of several casinos in Ontario cities whilst also taking control of current gambling venues in more areas, one of which was Sudbury.

And, the operators announced that going forward with plans for Sudbury casino was the first in a ‘multi-step process’. This would mean that the current casino would be replaced by a new venue that would offer an enhanced experience from an entertainment perspective. Plans are already earmarked for this, with 2020 seen as a hopeful date for the project to be complete, with construction beginning ‘once all necessary approvals are complete including municipal consent’.

As mentioned, the new facility would bring more than just an increased range of casino games to Sudbury. Plans detail the introduction of an events centre and a hotel-convention space, which would see the Sudbury casino establish itself as a real popular casino in Canada.

The new casino will include all your favourite casino games
The new casino will include all your favourite casino games

Boosts to the local area

Any renovation of the Sudbury casino would also bring many additional benefits to the local area and economy. The new facility would create around 250 new jobs which would bring the total area workforce to around 400 employees. Furthermore, the new casino would likely attract tourists to the area, with the prospect of playing at an improved casino and a hotel allowing people to stay.

Keith Andrews, who is the Senior Vice-President and Ontario Managing Director for Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited has expressed his excitement ahead of the new project, stating that the proposal ‘envisions creating a vibrant regional entertainment district’.

Ultimately, these are exciting times for casino fans of Sudbury and Canada in general with several exciting projects lined up to offer players a better gaming experience. Of course, you can get your fix of casino games online with Lucky Nugget Casino, but visiting these casinos will offer even more entertainment. The Sudbury casino could be just the start of many similar and brilliant casino projects to pop up across the country.

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