Online gaming can be a tricky affair! One minute you’re pumped and ready to go, the next you’re tired and cannot be bothered. It could be that you’re just not eating properly. Whatever it is you do we’ve got nine hints that you need to follow!

Well, the guys at Lucky Nugget have decided to drop you a few hints and tips to make your online gaming experience more manageable — but more importantly  fun.

1. Bankroll Management is Key!

Don’t for the love of anything play with money that you can’t afford to l

ose. That’s the most important thing about gambling — it’s got to be fun.  Sure, you see professionals  taking big hits from time to time, but trust us — they can afford them. You need to be playing with a small portion of your bankroll each time, as you’ll be surprised how quickly a thousand dollars can run out. As soon as you hit your loss, or even win limit, stop. That’s enough for one day!

If you’re ever struggling to mange your payroll, online casinos will offer to put a cap on your account. This way you can mange how much you’re playing with at any one time. If you find yourself struggling to manage your bankroll to the point where you’re overspending, you can ask the casino to limit your account full stop.

2. Make sure where you’re playing is reputable!

We’re not saying that you should be scared about playing with online casinos,  but you should be wary of casinos without the eCOGRA seal of appeal.


The eCOGRA are the approved testing and regulation agency for online casinos, who are responsible for making sure all casinos are safe and secure.  Of course, there are a number of independent bodies regulating online casinos, so make sure that you’re playing at a casino which is regulated by an independent body.

3. Play progressive jackpots for big wins!

Mega Moolah, Batman: The Dark Knight — there’s loads of progressive slot machines out there, ready to be played.

They offer prizes well into the millions, so if you’re looking for a quick big-win, then head on over to your favourite online casino and get spinning. Quite simply, they’re the easiest way to win millions without putting all the effort in! If you’re a lazy gamer, go for slots.

Of course you don’t just have to play progressive slot games. There are plenty of other lower-limit games out there. You could have a dabble on the retro slots pictured above. Since they’re pretty simple to play they are perfect for beginners, plus the prizes on offer are rather decent as well!

4. Get the best odds possible!

‘All casino games are equal, but some are more equal than others.’  Well, that’s not exactly how Orwell put it,  but close enough. In fact, a few specific games have much better odds than the rest, with blackjack notably being the game with the best odds.


There are plenty of ways to look at blackjack, but to get a good idea of how easy it is for a person to beat the house, we look at the house edge. The closer this figure is to 0, the better it is for the player. The great news for you is that with proper play, you can reduce the disadvantage of house edge to 0.5%. This means that for every $100 you play with, you’re statistically set to lose 50 cents.

With the right play you can make blackjack one of the easiest ways to make money at the casino. Make sure you practice before play though, because once you’re at the tables, there’s no going back!

5. Maybe give Keno a miss if you’re looking to win!

Okay, we understand that keno is one of the most exciting games at the casino. Unfortunately, the odds of you winning aren’t very good. The house edge in keno can be anything from 20%, all the way up to 30%. What this means is that you’re likely to lose 30% of your money to the house when playing keno. 


It’s quick, it’s easy, but it can be costly. If anything, it would be better to play bingo — it’s a familiar experience.

Other games you might want to avoid are slot machines (if you’re not looking for a safer way to make money), casino war and sic bo. The odds just aren’t good enough!

6. Make the most out of casino promotions!

There’s plenty of brilliant bonuses out there, from top-dollar deposit bonuses, to weekly slot extras.

Honestly, if you’ve got the opportunity, take those bonuses take them. They’re a great way of getting into casino gaming while limiting your risk.

Put it this way, if you were to deposit $100 and you receive $300 to play with through a first-deposit bonus,  less of your money is exposed. You’ve also got the potential to spread your balance across a number of game types, allowing you to explore the full arsenal on offer.

7. Check out VIP promotions!

Whether it’s a bit of extra cash in your account, or a whole host of amazing features, VIP loyalty schemes are a great way to make extra money from online casinos. 

Henry & Michiekins Birthday Party - Posh, Broke, & Bored_21

If you’re one of the casino’s big spenders, there’s a good chance you’ll pick up some perks, such as personal account managers, rake-back on losses and bonuses only available to VIP members. It really pays to be a member of these schemes!

8. Take regular breaks, especially when on big sessions!

Being focused and aware is a crucial part to casino gaming. If you’re sleepy and not on form, then you’re going to struggle to keep up your game. 


The best thing to do in this situation is to take a break when you can. Go outside, soak up the sun and listen to the birds tweeting. There’s always a seat open at the Lucky Nugget tables, so don’t worry about keeping up with the pace.

So, there you have it! Nine great gaming tips that you can take with you, wherever you go. Stay sober, stay alert and play games with good odds. That’s all you need to know!

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