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Dynasty Hotel Project Update

Dynasty Hotel and Casino is looking to take over the Northern Marianas Resort by the end of 2016. Reports suggest Dynasty are finalising negotiations for taking over the resort, funded by money borrowed from Chinese Strategic, who know have announced they are looking to turn the loan into equity to buy off the Dynasty.

The Northern Marianas Resort has been closed since September 2015, and the hotel closed since March 2016. The resort is a major source of revenue for the government and the largest employer on the island. If the casino is not taken over, then it doesn’t look good for the local people. The introduction of the casino will provide an economical boost to the area.

A CNMI casino developer has decided to revise plans. The Macau based company were developing a $1.2 billion casino resort, but changed their plans last minute.

Initially, CMNI wanted to create an integrated casino with over 6,000 rooms, even more than what’s on offer with Lucky Nugget! This is set to include a theme park and a sky bridge over the waters to the resort. Reports now suggest that CMNI wants to create a villa hotel made from natural material; this includes locally sourced woods, set to create a modern impression. 300 villas are set to be part of the resort, with at least 1,500 rooms. CMNI also plans to integrate the hotel and the casino, but also develop the casino as a free standing venture.

So who knows what’s going to happen with the hotel and casino but at least all the attractions seem appealing, definitely a place we would want to go on holiday.

In further news…

The Northern Marianas environmental agency fined the Best Sunshine International Limited for not being compliant to orders on and for the building site.

The Best Sunshine International Limited was developing a $550 million Grand Mariana Casino and Resort, but things got a bit rough after reports of the company repeatedly violating permit conditions. The orders for compliance have been on going through February and April, yet nothing got done about it. There are also reports of staff working through ways to illegally pump the projects waste into the nearby lagoon creating erosions and polluted water. Also construction workers disobeyed orders to stop working past extended working hours even after the hours were pulled the day before.

It doesn’t look good for the Best Sunshine International Limited and the Grand Mariana Casino and Resort. It’s pretty easy to follow rules, why go against them and it costing more money overall for the company. Let’s hope they listen to orders from now on so the construction can continue and the Grand Mariana Casino and Resort finished.

So that was some quite dramatic news for the casinos. Overall, there looks like some interesting projects coming up in the future with these casinos, as long as they follow the rules and stick to one plan.


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