After four years of confusion and chaos the German states finally reached an agreement over a new gambling treaty. The changes should mean significant improvement for all players, particularly casino fans who want to enjoy an exciting range of classic casino games, like those you can find at Lucky Nugget Casino.

It was the 28th October when it was announced that a new treaty would be put in place and here we will examine the impact it will have.

What’s the new gambling treaty about?

Originally in 2008 the first treaty came into play and prohibited all possible forms of online gambling except for betting on horse racing. German players would only be able to play casino games and take part in sports betting and even the lottery if it was offered offline.

By 2012 players were still left in limbo. Gambling was largely outlawed, apart from in certain states and involved restricted licensing for sports markets. However, that didn’t stop German players playing with companies that are outside of the country and it has taken until now to be resolved.

The new laws will scrap the restriction on sports licenses, which had been capped at 20. Instead, licenses will be obtained based on quality which should also improve the regulations and safety for players when they play online.

Furthermore, the initial tough stance that the government had taken towards online casinos may be becoming more relaxed also. Previously, the law meant the country had nothing to do with online casinos, although you could go to play in land-based venues.

Yet, when revealing the new gambling treaty, the government also promised to “analyse the developments in the field of online casino offers”. Whilst it would be unrealistic to expect anything significant to change in the short-term it gives hope for gamers in the future that they will take a positive stance to online casinos.

Several more changes are also going to come into place. Currently, the monthly wagering limit is set at €1,000 and the proposal will see that become the monthly loss limit instead for each player. The changes clearly demonstrate a softer view to online gaming for players in the country, which can only be a positive. With the industry being monitored it should also bring stricter regulations and rules that create a safe environment.

Overall, it has taken a long time but the new gambling treaty is finally here. The significant changes are scrapping the restrictions on licensing and opening the door to online casino products, which are the first steps in making Germany more attractive to online players.

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