The world is a cruel place, and terrible things are bound to happen. In fact, there are many murders that occur on a daily basis around the world. Some, however, are so bizarre, and so unusual, that they tend to live on in infamy. Especially when those murders are unsolved, even to this day.

And, given that humans have a fascination for the grim and brutal, there is a list of unsolved murders that are legends in their own right. Let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre and unusual unsolved murders that have gained legendary status. And just as an upfront warning, these stories are going to be leaning into the gory side.

Jack The Ripper

Perhaps one of the most well known murder sprees of history belongs to the so called Jack the Ripper killer. Jack the Ripper, whoever he or she was, committed a string of horrendously brutal crimes back in 1888, five in total. With serial killing being a new concept at the time these murders occurred, the murders were a sensation, with everyone in London sitting up and taking notice.

In hindsight, the fact that Jack The Ripper received so much attention is a bit bizarre, given that London wasn’t exactly the most peaceful place to be in 1888. There were many other murders during the time period that Jack the Ripper was active, but these were completely ignored, given that Jack the Ripper was prone to removing the reproductive organs of his victims, all of which happened to be prostitutes. Either way, the murders are officially unsolved, although there are a few very strong theories that are more or less accepted explanations.

The Black Dahlia

One of the most infamous murders in history occurred in 1947, in Los Angeles. Now referred to as the Black Dahlia murder, the case gained major infamy due to the incredibly horrific state in which the body was found. Elizabeth Short, the victim, had been severed at the waist, and with face mutilated in gruesome fashion. So terrible was the state of the body that it was reported that many investigating police offers were sick, and some even fainted on the scene.

The worst part of the murder is that it remains unsolved to this very day, although an extensive and far reaching investigation was undertaken. Plus, given the news coverage that the murder received at the time, public outrage quickly escalated, as arrests and a satisfactory conclusion to the murder remained elusive.

As with the Jack the Ripper case, there are many modern theories about the murder and why it occurred, many of which seem not feasible, but likely. Of course, police in 1947 did not have access to the crime investigation technology available today. Had Jack the Ripper or the Black Dahlia killer been active today, chances are very high they would have been caught and caught a great deal more swiftly!

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