At Lucky Nugget Casino you can play many of your favourite casino games. While the traditional table classics offer a great option, for a lot of players it’s all about the slot machines. The unpredictability, bright lights and the chance to hit the jackpot from one spin combine to make them a real winner.

There’s lots to choose from, but one popular game is Max Damage. If you’ve played it already, you’ll know why and if you haven’t, you’re missing out! Here we give you the lowdown on the game.

Max Damage slot
Max Damage gives players the chance to win in 243 different ways.

What’s this slot all about?

Firstly, the theme. With the slot set from outer space and various spaceships as symbols, it won’t take you long to realise what this is all about. In addition to dominant space theme there’s also a symbol of Max himself.

You will be responsible for Max, helping him to overcome the aliens and save earth. This gameplay, along with the bright colourful graphics ensure entertainment is guaranteed from the first spin.

Max Damage contains five reels and an astonishing 243 ways of winning which puts it far ahead of many alternative games out there. Those wins are activated by landing adjacent symbol combinations, and the more you get, the more it pays. Clearly, this is a standout aspect and can ensure that each spin is exciting as you look to land one of the many winning formulas.

The paytable, found along the bottom of the slot, will outline the worth of each symbol and how much you can win for landing bigger combinations. As well as that, it details the bonus rounds and how you can benefit.

Take advantage of the many bonuses

Along with the hundreds of ways to win, there are several bonus features that will keep you intrigued. One is the wild, which is the logo of the game itself. A wild will substitute for any regular symbol to create a winning combo.

Another way you can benefit is through the scatter symbol. If you manage to get five you will earn a major win, but getting three or more will trigger 15 free spins. During those spins, anything that you win will be doubled too!

However, that’s not all, as during the free spins an alien spaceship may appear on one of the reels. Should that happen, Max will blast it away and it results in a random prize for the player. Furthermore, after zapping it away, the symbol will be replaced by wilds – which could lead to yet another payout.

Max Damage Win
There’s the possibility to win from each spin with Max Damage

It’s easy to play…

Once you’ve read all the details about the game, you’ll be itching to play. The bar at the bottom of the slot allows you to change the value of each spin and coin value, ensuring that it suits your budget. Another positive element is that whether you are a high roller, or someone just seeking a cheap thrill, Max Damage serves for all.

Plus, the autoplay feature allows you to kick back, relax and watch the spins take care of themselves, leaving you to just be focused on what’s happening. This feature can be stopped and started whenever you want too. If you’re spinning normally, the big red button will get the reels going and the fun starting.

That just about covers it all and shows why Max Damage is so popular. Cool graphics and a simple gameplay make things easy, although the standout aspects come in the form of the prizes. If 243 ways to win wasn’t enough, there are free spins, multipliers and prizes up for grabs throughout the spins. So, what’re you waiting for?

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