Father’s Day is fast approaching and many of you may be unsure of what to get your Dad. Arguments with your siblings, debates about how much to spend, and a race against time, it can be a stressful time looking for a present for the people closest to you. Fortunately, we are here to help.

Here we will give you the lowdown on some of the perfect gambling inspired gifts that we know your Dad will love!

Entertain everyone with a poker set

Okay, so while this won’t just strictly benefit your Dad, it may be the best one to buy. A poker set will come in handy in many situations. If your Dad is having a bloke’s night in with all his mates and a few beers, or to entertain the family on a boring night, this will do the trick.

The appeal of poker is great, the excitement of each hand and playing against your friends and family will add an extra bit of spice. With chips, cards and a pristine table, you will feel like you’re at the casino!

Maybe you should practice on Lucky Nugget Casino’s video poker, just to ensure you get the family bragging rights.

Anyway, you can play poker whenever you want with this set, why wouldn’t you buy it!?

Customise your deck

It’s often said, it’s the thought that counts, and adding your own personal touch to a deck of cards will go down really well.

Whether it’s embarrassing pictures of your Dad from his youth, awkward drunken moments or cute family photos, you can add them all to the cards to give them your own personal touch.

Then you’re ready to play, with your own special cards. Nice.

Get your own poker ring

Your Dad may not have the poker skills to play on the World Series of Poker and bring back the big money and prizes that are on offer, and they include bracelets and rings.

However, you can still buy him some nice jewellery, and there are many smart poker inspired rings that would go down well.

This may be more expensive than some of the alternatives, but if your Dad is a poker fanatic, it could be the ideal present.

Casino inspired cufflinks

Another nice touch would be to give your Dad some casino inspired cufflinks. The great thing is that there are so many different options.

Whether it’s a roulette wheel, dice, chips or even slot machines, you can get them all and pick the ones that suit your Dad’s taste.

Then he can stick them on, and when he’s suited and booted for a night at the casino, he will have the best cufflinks going.

So, there you go. If you are short of ideas ahead of this Father’s Day, then we’ve just saved the day! If your Dad loves a game at the casino, then we are sure that these gifts will go down a treat. It’s coming around quick, so pick the right present and make your Dad’s weekend special with these inspired gifts. Enjoy!


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