There is never a bad time to brush up on your gaming strategy.

Lucky Nugget’s in-house gaming experts have designed three exclusive guides based on proven gaming strategy and your important feedback. Our experts have been on the strong coffee and trawled through reams of data in the attempt to get these gaming guides to you.  And guess what, we’ve done it!

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Roulette

In this guide you’ll learn the basic rules of roulette; everything from placing bets to the amount of winnings you’ll receive. We’ve also designed an easy to read table which provides you will all the possible bets and the odds to go along with them. We’re also breaking the truth behind the notorious betting systems that have plagued players with false hope for decades.

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Blackjack

With our guide to blackjack, you’ll learn how to master the casino’s most popular table game. Everything from how to play to maximising your chances of winning is included in this guide. You’ll also get a cheat sheet which shows you the best choice of play in any given situation – it’s definitely not one to be missed.

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Slots

Slots have baffled players for centuries – ever since the first one back in 1885 – but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. With our guide to slots, you’ll know everything from basic play to understanding RTP and how to maximise your returns on any given machine. If you’re a huge slots fan and you’d like to increase your chances of winning, then this guide is for you.

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What’s the advantage of using a gaming guide?

Our gaming guides are compiled by experts who have been on the gaming circuit longer than you could imagine.

If you’ve ever struggled with a hand, they’ve probably played a hundred of the same. If you’ve ever wondered what the best play is when you’re up against a dealer showing a 6, our experts have been there and done that a thousand times and more.

Basically, these guides are everything our experts know, transferred from their minds and brought to you via a handy PDF file. Our guides are concise but action packed, which means you can take your new knowledge to the tables as soon as possible.

Can you find these gaming guides anywhere else?

Our gaming guides are exclusive to Lucky Nugget Casino – which means you won’t find them anywhere else. We’re treating our loyal customers to some of the best information out there – guides you simply cannot miss.

Why blackjack, roulette and slots?

These are three of Lucky Nugget’s most popular games. They’re also the three most popular games worldwide, so you can take this information to any Las Vegas casino and put it to good use there. You could also print our guides and read them as you’re travelling to your next big casino holiday. However you take in the information, you can be confident you’ve got the three biggest games in Vegas covered.

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