When it comes to the slots, there are many reasons why you may have a preferred game. Some will go for a favourite theme, others look at the layout and images, while many will be attracted by the large jackpots that are on offer. However, one factor to consider is the volatility of the slot, with each player’s individual style more accustomed to a certain type.

Here we will rundown what high and low volatility slots are and which one is better for your style of play.

The slot volatility of each game will differ

What is slot volatility?

Quite simply, slot volatility refers to the risk associated with a specific game and how much you can expect to win during one session. In that sense, it may seem like return to player percentage (RTP), however slot volatility refers to how those payouts arrive.

For instance, a slot with a high volatility is one that pays out bigger wins, although they come over a longer period. Smaller, more frequent wins aren’t impossible, but they are less likely. Whereas, low volatility slots are the opposite. They involve more regular payouts that don’t tend to include massive wins. Yet, this is only what’s expected on average — it doesn’t count for the unpredictability of each individual spin.

Find one that suits your style

Such differences in the way the slots operate mean that each game could suit a different player. Those who prefer high volatility slots tend to be the big spenders, because they have a bigger bankroll which can absorb the risk of waiting for a large win. Eventually, the big win could land but it may take a lot of patience and spins to get there.

Alternatively, low volatility slots are ideal for players on a budget. The regular chance of payouts will ensure that you can begin to build you bankroll gradually instead of hoping the unlikely big win will land from a few spins. It should also make your game much more interesting. Nobody likes watching each spin result in another loss, and the lower volatility slots makes sure this shouldn’t happen.

How do you know what each slot’s volatility is?

To find a slot that suits you, it’s good to know the volatility of each individual slot, however they might not be noted when you go to play. Instead, you can determine the volatility by the size of the jackpot and prizes available.

On the whole, slots with larger prizes will be high volatility, because the major prizes wouldn’t be paid out often. On the contrary, low volatility slots will have smaller jackpots as the combinations come up often. Luckily, when you check out the fantastic range of slots at Lucky Nugget Casino, you will find both options available.

Ultimately, slot volatility is something useful for all slot players to know and can influence which games will suit your style. Whether you are a high roller or cautious, the volatility of each slot will impact your joy of the game. So, judge the jackpots, stick to your budget and let the excitement and thrill of the slots take over.

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