It has been four years since the Tran Organisation were busted for stealing $7 million from 29 casinos over a five years stretch. By bribing dealers and pit bosses they were able to avoid the detection of casino bosses for years. It was keeping things to basics that baffled the casinos and allowed them to get away with their nefarious deeds for such a long time. is going to take a look back at their dodgy, yet genius deeds. Don’t go getting any ideas though!

Who were the Tran Organisation?

Well, the Tran Organisation were a group of organised criminals led by the notorious Van Thu Tran. She was a fierce, feisty leader who, along with her husband Phuong Quoc ‘Pai Gao John’ Truong – dubbed ‘Pai Gao John’ because of his alias, and ability to play Pai Gow – led their family and friends through five years of organised crime. In the end there was around 50 people working for the Tran Organisation, raking in $7 million by the end of their criminal careers.

How did the Tran Organisation make their money?

Well, they bribed dealers and pit bosses. It wasn’t the punters doing the cheating, and as such, it went unnoticed for so long. It worked in three stages, so better split it up:

  1. The dealers would bribed and in place ready to act when necessary. A number of spotters would approach Pai Gow tables and play small stakes, generally losing. While doing this they would track the cards as they left the deck via a mini computer on their person, until a whole deck was complete.
  2. The bribed dealers would then be notified with a signal, would take over the table and then pretend to shuffle the cards – making sure the deck order would remain the same as what the computer system beleived.
  3. Once this happened another player would be signalled to join the table. The spotter would then communicate with the dealer, indicating when he should hit, or when he should fold. This way, the payer never lost.

This happened at not only one casino, but 29 casinos across the company, involving over 50 people! After taking a big hit over the last 5 years, casinos started to get a little suspicious and decided to inform the FBI. They were then caught, and jailed – all pleading guilty to offences such as participate in the affairs of a racketeering enterprise and conspiracy to commit money laundering, amongst many more.

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