In the world of gambling everything depends on luck. Some people make their own, some people are on a good streak; however they chose to describe it, they’re probably talking about that mysterious entity called luck. Head over to any Las Vegas casino and you’ll find all sorts of people knocking about wearing their lucky undergarments or clutching their special charms.

Well, here at Lucky Nugget Casino we’ve decided to take a look at some of the zaniest superstitions you’ll find at a typical Las Vegas Casino. Grab your black cats and run under some ladders – only kidding, they’re not that mental.

Red Or Black? One Is Luckier… Obviously

When it comes to choosing your lucky colour in roulette, you’re bound to have a preference between red or black (or green, if you’re not that good at gambling). It’s amazing to see how many people are convinced that either red or black are luckier. We’ve even seen arguments over it from time to time, and let’s be honest, it’s all rather simple, but neither of them are more likelier than the other. Without the single green space they’re 50:50. Try convincing someone that they’re wrong though – you’ll get some very strange looks!

What About Lucky Numbers!

Lucky number 7, everybody knows it, and for some reason it’s achieved prestige like no other ever since the first casino arose all those years ago. It’s all arbitrary of course, as 13 is lucky in Italy, but deadly in other countries like America. 15 is lucky in Spain, but would look daft in England. If you head on over to Russia though, all even numbers are considered unlucky. It just goes to show that it’s not always the number, but the culture you were brought up in. Think about that the next time you’re playing roulette online.

The way you dress is important… duh!

We all know somebody who thinks their t-shirt brings them good luck or their under-crackers will bring them big wins at the casino. Think of any piece of clothing that exists – hats, t-shirts, scarves, jeans, jumpers, socks – there will be some sort of superstition around it. Some people will only play if they’re wearing their lucky item. However, some people think that wearing certain items brings bad luck, such as wearing jackets or hats indoors. Some punters think that not wearing socks is the key to success. Who knows, ey.

Getting on that winning streak…

When it comes to statistics, playing at the casino can be a tricky affair. While it is relatively easy to improve your odds with great play, getting the information across about casino games and independent events can be quite difficult. Some players believe that winnings and losses will level out eventually, which is not true. Each spin of the reel, blackjack deal or spin of the slots is an independent event, which means that the odds don’t change after a certain amount of games.

This is not the same as, for example, picking out of a bag that contains 3 red balls and 3 black balls. After two red picks, the chances of picking a black ball would increase, as there are more black than red. This doesn’t apply to roulette, or any other casino game, as we don’t lose numbers after a spin.

This is important if you believe that you should lose back a bit of your winnings, to see if the table is done with you. The table was never done with you in the first place. Each event is indendepent. The table is neither done or not done with you. Like Schroedinger’s Cat! You see, you learn science, maths and gambling advice at the Lucky Nugget Blog.

So, there you have it, some crazy superstitions for you to mull over. Do any of these apply to you? Do you only wear certain clothes when you head over to the casino. Let us know in the comments section below!

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