Keno, the quick-fire bingo based casino game, is now one of the most popular games at Lucky Nugget Casino, and various other online casinos around the globe.

When a game increases in popularity, strategies and superstitions start to appear in the form of articles on the internet. While most are ignored and taken as nonsense, some stick around and start to affect play. We’ve decided to take a look and bust these superstitions for you. So, with no further ado, let’s take a look at these myths.

Hot and cold numbers work with Keno!

Unfortunately, keno is just a random game of chance. This means that every game of keno is an independent event, and the results of the last game have no bearing on future events. Some players might well advise you that certain numbers are luckier than others, this is simply not the case. If the number 15 hasn’t hit after thirty goes, don’t keep money on 15 because it hasn’t come up. There’s just as much chance the number 15 won’t come up next time.

Keno’s house edge is the worst!

Rumour has it that Keno has the worst odds in the world of casino. Well, that might well be true when playing at land based casinos, but not when it comes to playing online. House edge can be as low as 8%, which is just as high as a general slot machine – and much better than some! You can’t just avoid it because you think that your odds are worse. Make sure you check out the house edge of any game when playing online – this will make things easier in the long run.

Picking lucky numbers is a good idea!

When it comes to selecting your favourite numbers, treat them like you would any other number. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to believe, certain numbers don’t love you more than others. If you’re born on the 5th of January, for example, the number 5 doesn’t become your lucky number. You might have won a good few times with the number 5, but this was all just luck. When it comes to skill-based games like blackjack, you can adopt certain styles of play. When it comes to chance-based games like Keno, pick whatever number you like because it won’t make any difference!

There is such thing as keno strategy!

Yes! You read correctly. There is absolutely no such thing as keno strategy. As much as people will try and sell you it – keno is a game of chance and should only be treated like a lottery or bingo would be treated. Basically, keno is centred on the fact that numbers are fired randomly out of a machine. It would be like developing a strategy for the Powerball, which you know full-well is impossible.

Basically, keno is a game of luck and whilst there are a number of ways to make your experience better (such as bankroll-boosting promotions), it’s all the luck of the draw. However, there’s nothing to stop you having fun! Good luck at the tables from the Lucky Nugget team!

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