With Deadpool 2 on the horizon, the hype train from the first film is still chugging away. And after much speculation it turns out Marvel have made their choice – Josh Brolin will be the new Cable. So, let’s delve into who Josh Brolin is, who Cable is and where we might see him appearing in the future.

You mean Bond won’t be Cable?

The choice came as a bit of surprise to fans who were looking to Pierce Brosnan or James Lang to take up the role. Rumours were sparked earlier in the year after Ryan Reynolds prompted discussion when the trio (Hugh Jackman included) posted an ambiguous photo to Instagram.

It gets stranger when you discover that Josh Brolin already plays a character in the Marvel Universe, Thanos, appearing in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film. However, it’s unlikely the two are ever going to meet since 20th century Fox hold the rights to the X-Men films and don’t look as though they are letting go any time soon, especially with the recent Deadpool success.

Who is Cable?

The time travelling Mutant cable is a major player in the X-men universe. A cyborg from the future, cable is here to save the world from the coming apocalypse. To give you a little backstory as to why Cable time-travels, in a last ditch effort to save his son, his father “cyclops” (Scott Summers) sent Cable (Nathan Summers) 2000 years into the future when he was only a child. Cable’s special abilities are his Telepathy / Telekinesis, Partial Techno-organic body and his access to 39th century technology.


When are we likely to see Cable on the big screen?

If the Deadpool scene before the showing of “Logan” in theaters is anything to go by, then pretty soon! The “merc with a mouth” wrote a message on a phone booth in the scene reading “Nathan Summers (Cable’s real name) cumming soon!”. (Excuse the vulgar phrasing – he did spell it like that though). So we can only assume he’ll show up in Deadpool 2, whenever that’ll be, as there hasn’t been an official release date for the anticipated sequel.

Thinking a little more broadly, aside from the obvious Deadpool 2 movie, where could we speculate seeing Cable? With supposedly a 3 film contract (not including Deadpool 2) in his pocket, we could see Brolin appearing in a few of the upcoming X-men films. By knowing the backstory of Cable we can make some fairly good estimations as to which films those may be.

Untitled X-Force film

In the comics, cable lead the X-Force team alongside the militant variety of mutants, so it’s a fair bet he will be making an appearance.

Untitled X-Men: Apocalypse Sequel

While we didn’t see Cable in the first Apocalypse movie, there is every chance he could show up in the second. It was Cable’s mission (and why he came back from the future) to prevent the coming apocalypse, so the aptly named mutant might be feeling Cable’s wrath in films to come.

Untitled Deadpool Sequels

The comics showed an on / off relationship between Cable and Deadpool, and with his appearance in the 2nd movie, there is a high chance he could make a come-back for a 3rd instalment.

First look at Cable as filming begins


Excitement has been building over the release of Deadpool 2, with filming now taking place. What’s more, Ryan Reynolds gave fans a glimpse of the action when he revealed the first image of Josh Brolin as Cable, accompanied with the caption; “Your premium Cable provider”, on his Instagram account.

Hours after the post, more images were released of Brolin preparing for filming on the set in Vancouver, Canada. And, he wasn’t the only person on set looking like Cable, with a stunt double also present to film some of the more dangerous aspects of the movie.

Now, the countdown can begin for big Deadpool 2 fans, with a release date confirmed for June 1, 2018. It may seem a long time away, but regular snippets from the cast should keep the interest levels high for a film that promises to be a real hit.

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