Spending time socialising over a game of bingo might actually improve your health, experts believe.


A study taken in 2011 has found bingo to be one of the most beneficial activities for your health, improving player’s memory and reaction speeds.

Bingo, it appears, was one of the most beneficial pastimes from a choice of many as it involves surrounding yourself with other people as well as keeping alert in the attempt to check numbers on a 5 x 5 grid.

With numbers dotting around the place bingo can be a rather difficult game for some players to keep up with. If you’re good with the dabber though, you could have a top-notch brain — lucky you!

The study that took place was investigating the effects of disabilities and socialising and involved monitoring participants in various situations. From going for a meal, having a night in with friends to even playing bingo on a Sunday afternoon — they can all be beneficial to your health.

Other activities that were shown to be useful include visiting relatives, off-track sports betting and even going to church.

One thousand people investigated over a 2-year period

The Chicago Rush University Medical Centre led the long-term study and looked at how much help people needed as they went forward into their 80s.

The results show that the more sociable a person was the lower the chance they would struggle using the stairs, or anything else that requires strenuous physical activity.

The study showed that ‘higher levels of social activity are associated with decreased risk of becoming disabled.’

Out of all the activities studied, bingo proved to be the most beneficial activity by a long shot, with the healthiest of participants playing bingo at least once a week.

The benefits of playing bingo!

Bingo isn’t just somewhere you go for a brew and a natter — it’s a hobby that requires super-quick reactions and intense concentration. Since it requires such little physical activity, it’s a popular past-time with the elderly and disabled.

It’s the communities created around bingo that reinforces its appeal though, with the same people getting together on a weekly basis. It’s this that truly improves the mental well-being of the people who play.

More people are playing online though and that’s certainly changing the landscape.

Bingo is moving with the times

With constant improvements in technology bingo is becoming easier for the elderly to get their heads around. As such, those who at one time couldn’t use the internet now can. There’s now more elderly people playing bingo and online casino games more than ever.

Not only can players experience bingo once a week then, but everyday via the internet. It’s truly the golden age for bingo players and its taking the world by storm.

So, there you go! Bingo is not only great for your health, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun. What do you prefer, casino or bingo gaming? Let us know in the comments section below!

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