Is AI Changing Job Interviews?

The future is rapidly evolving, and as we all sit behind our computer screens, perhaps becoming less social by a few inches at a time, the way forward for job interviewing is also evolving – cue Artificial Intelligence interviews.

AI is making a huge impact on Human Resourcing across the globe, and gaining traction in top companies, with polls showing that 43% of recruiters think AI removes human bias, and 67% of those polled believe it would saving on human resource time.

How Do AI Interviews Work?

Candidates interview via webcam, answering standardized question – usually they are given time to think of the question to formulate their answer and it is then recorded. These interview recordings are then analysed by AI, with the candidate answers being reviewed based on different factors. These factors could be as simple as your answer, to facial cues and body language.

Using the AI results, the candidate will either get a second interview – with a human! Or you will have speedy feedback on your lack of suitability to the position.

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AI Interview benefits

I am a confirmed sufferer of interview phobia, (ergophobia it is a real thing), I have always been reluctant to interview for new jobs – which is never a good thing!

So, an interview by a machine – sign me up today!

My phobias aside, there are real benefits of AI interviewing. AI interviewing uses so many factors and data points, that if a person is recommended for a second (human) interview, they are closely matched to the position requirements. This would cut staff churn, and means less time and money wasted hiring new staff.

Additionally, bias is a huge factor in hiring, often without the interviewer even being conscious of their bias. Did Mary Ellen dump you in the 6th grade – good luck any Mary Ellen in an interview situation with that interviewer.

Recent studies in Canada have showed that name bias is also a possible factor in getting an interview, with Asian names particularly overlooked for interviews. A robot/machine who has no bias of names, and is only looking for certain skills will not be affected by a name.

The Drawbacks of Using AI for Interviews

AI is only as smart as you program it to be, so if you consider type X person to be what you want and you program the AI test with that historical information, you limit yourself. You could end up with a similar type of person you already hired. Using old data could lead to less minorities or females being hired or not having the fresh innovative ideas a new type of person would bring to your company.

But whatever your view on AI perhaps taking this Interviewing roll over completely in the future, AI is currently being used by top companies to sift through the thousands of CVs supplied to them daily. Machine interviewing – seems to be the next natural step, and I look forward to not being judged on my name, or general severe lack of interview skills!

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