2020 New Year goals

The New Year is incoming, which means a few definite things. The first is that you are almost certain to drink too much and have an awkward conversation with a virtual stranger. The second is that you will, inevitably, make New Year’s resolutions. For example, you might swear to yourself that you will finally start pursuing your career as a professional Poker player. But a week into January you’ll decide that playing other mobile casino games is just as rewarding, and a lot simpler than taking on the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Justin Bonomo or even Phil Ivey!

It turns out that, statistically speaking, you are not alone, and the overwhelming majority of people fail in their New Year’s resolution quests. But, here is a startling reality that may just blow your mind; it isn’t that the idea is bad, it’s that most people simply don’t know how to make very good New Year resolutions.

Stick with us and learn how to make vows of improvement that are not only realistic, but also drastically more achievable.

Specifics Are Key

The first most important part about setting self-improvement goals is being specific about what exactly it is you hope to achieve. For example, saying you want to be a professional Poker player is nothing more than a vague wish. How do you intend on doing this, and how will you know when you are doing it? Instead of saying you want to be a professional Poker player, say that you want to be playing in real money tournaments by the end of March, and winning tournaments by the end of September. Suddenly, dramatically, that vague wish has become an achievable reality.

Simple, but a fact that many overlook.

Setting achievable targets
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Making A Big Goal Smaller

On that same note, breaking down something that seems overwhelming into steps is just as helpful, and necessary. Saying that you want to participate in the World Series Of Poker is all good and well, but just what exactly do you have to do first in order to make that a reality? As above, playing in real money games is a good first step. Improving your winning average is another good step. What should your average for winning be, before you are confident enough to hit the big leagues? Decide, set a date for that goal, and pursue it.

Slowly but surely, that World Series of Poker goal is coming closer, and is being achieved via incremental, realistic steps.

Failures Are Part Of The Process

If you set those achievable goals, try to hit them, but don’t manage to make the progress you hoped for; it isn’t the end of the world. True story. Everyone fails along the way when aiming for lofty goals. Staying motivated, not losing your ambition, and sticking to it, is the simple recipe for success.

In other words don’t give up, just adjust your plan.

Sticking to New Years resolutions
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Have Realistic Deadlines

But with all that being said, don’t forget that having deadlines is also a big part of the process. Knowing and understanding that you must keep moving forward or else a deadline will be missed, is a great way to not fall into stagnation. Yes, you can adjust goals, and yes you can tweak the plans, but always keep a deadline in mind. Even if that deadline gets shifted, only do so as long as it is necessary for the progression of your plan.

Celebrate The Milestones

Last, and perhaps the most overlooked part of achieving a long-term goal, celebrate when you hit milestones. We don’t just mean give yourself a pat on the back; you are allowed to go big, depending on personal preference. Yes, invite friends over, make them aware of the long-term goal, and explain the importance of the milestone. You’ll be astonished to realise how supportive friends can be, even doing their own part in keeping you motivated in the long run.

You might even find that, against expectations, the smaller milestones, celebrations, and support of friends quickly make pursuing your New Year’s resolutions one of the more rewarding parts of your life.

Plus, never let it slip your mind that when the next year rolls around, it is an opportunity to make brand new resolutions and start over.

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