Maybe your new year’s resolution was to go to the gym more, or to cut down on smoking. But if you’re like the Lucky Nugget Casino news team, you’ll be trying to save up money to spend on fantastic trips. Las Vegas should be at the top of every gamer’s to-do list, and here’s some of our advice on how to enjoy the city on a budget.

Go during shoulder season


Las Vegas is in the middle of the scorching Nevada desert, and it becomes almost uninhabitable during the summer months. However, June to August are also the most popular times to head here – there’s cloudless blue skies, low humidity, and pools outside almost every hotel despite the incredible heat.

Avoid the peak holiday times if you want to get the best deals – you’ll save money on everything from flights to hotel rooms. Springtime can be a good time to visit so long as you avoid the window of “spring break”, while late autumn – before the holiday boom at Christmas – is also pleasant and relatively cheap. Even during the week, room costs are far cheaper mid-week than they are at the weekend.

Open up incognito web pages

When searching for air fares or hotel room prices, make sure to do it in an incognito web page. Current web page settings mean that your search history is saved on your internet browser, which helps with auto-completing search terms or letting you browse your history. However, these can be used by providers to identify customers seeking specific services: hotel rooms and air fares can therefore appear more expensive, as you become a target to squeeze more money out of.

Avoid these underhand internet tactics by browsing flight and hotel information in an incognito window. No cookies are saved, and every search will be like the first one you’ve done – so you’ll see true costs rather than inflated ones. Remember to use price comparison sites for hotels and flights, and do your research to see if there’s any deals you can get in on.

A sample itinerary


Fly from Toronto Airport to Las Vegas on Tuesday, February 7 and return on the evening of February 11. Estimated flight cost: CA $420

Stay at a hotel Downtown or on the Las Vegas Strip to be part of the action. For example, 4-star Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is on the edge of the Strip. A double room for four nights: $327 (so sharing it with a friend or partner means you only have to pay half each)

Enjoy proper Diner-style American food at affordable local favourites like Mr Mamas, indulge in a pre-theater menu, or go during happy hour specials. Budget $50 per person per day for food.

Book show tickets in advance through discounted online agents, or visit the Tix 4 Tonight booths for last-minute bookings. Theatre tickets: $50 and up

Bankroll: make sure to set aside some money for gambling. Whether that’s $10, $100 or more, your bankroll is there to pay for the joy of the casino. Expect to lose it all – and that way, any winnings are a nice bonus.

It’s definitely possible to make it to Vegas for under $1,000. You can have fun without being a high roller – and you don’t have to scrimp on the quality either! So start counting those pennies, and see if 2017 will be the year of your Las Vegas dreams.

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