If you’re wondering just how much your local government benefits from all gambling activities, then you can find out in our handy round-up. We take a look at gambling revenues in Australia, New Zealand and Canada!

Australia – Biggest Gamblers in the World!

A figure that might surprise some is that Australians are the most active punters in the world. 80% of Australian adults gamble with 4% of adults playing the pokies once a week – this accounts for 62% of locals’ total gambling spend.

In terms of revenue, the Aussie government collects $3 billion from online pokie machines and $4.9 billion from all forms of gambling, according to reports. In total, gambling generates 9.1% of their total revenue.

The New South Wales government makes $1 billion from pokie machines and $1.6 billion from all other forms of gambling.

In total, revenue from gambling peaked at $19 billion for the year, with the share of household consumption at 3.1%.

New Zealand – Giving Back to the Community!

All gambling activity in New Zealand is regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs. Whenever there is profit made by a licensed casino, they are expected to hand a portion of cash earned back to the community.

The majority of casinos are state owned and so regulation is rather simple. Most recently, total expenditure on gambling within the community was $NZ 2.034 billion, or around $NZ 460 per person. This has increased tenfold since 1985, showing a huge spike in popularity when it comes to gambling.

Canada – Revenue for the People!

In 2014, commercial gaming in B.C generated over $2.7 billion in revenue. Once expenses were accounted for, including prize payouts, British Columbia took home $1.17 billion. This, of course, is channelled back into the community, benefitting the people of Canada.

Money goes to a number of bodies which support the government:

  • Non-profit community organisations: $135.0 million
  • Local governments that host casinos and community gaming centres: $87.3 million
  • Local economic development projects: $9.4 million

Overall, B.C provides the community with millions upon millions each year through what they take in from gambling.

So, there you have it! The lowdown on gambling revenues from around the world. What do you think? Should more be given, or is everything all good? Let us know in the comments section below!







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