Casinos are great entertainment, few will deny, except maybe for those who have run into a ghost during their stay. Yes, haunted casinos are a thing, and some have a much worse reputation for having spooks than others. You may or may not believe in ghosts, but in some cases the sheer number of ghostly sightings at a casino will make a person sit up and raise an eyebrow.

It’s argued that some casinos purposefully spread rumours of ghosts in order to attract ghost hunters, while others suggest that ghost sightings are simply the result of too much partying, and an overactive imagination. Either way, these are casinos that have reputations for being haunted.

Bally’s Resort And Casino

If you do or don’t believe in ghosts, the story of Bally’s Resort and Casino is a deeply tragic one. The current casino is standing on the grave of an older casino, which was destroyed in a horrific fire. 80 people lost their lives during the fire, back in 1980, and some guests jumped to their deaths in order to avoid suffocation by smoke.

It’s an alarming and disturbing story, made a great deal worse by the fact that there have been numerous reports of ghost sightings in the Bally’s. Either way you look at it, a stay in the Bally’s may be one that raises a few hairs.


The Flamingo is a hotel with a long, interesting history. Yes, it is the same Flamingo that was run by the mob back in the day, and the establishment that made Las Vegas what it is today. A well-known story of the Flamingo is that Bugsy Siegel was gunned down over the establishment’s poor initial performance, and rumours that the shifty mobster had been skimming cash.

Today many claim to have seen the ghost of Bugsy wondering the Flamingo, which would no doubt put a dampener on an otherwise pleasant holiday. Naturally, those with a clear head may suggest that the story was created simply to give the establishment a bit of interesting history. Better people think of the Flamingo as the place where a ghost lives, as opposed to a place where a dangerous and ruthless mobster ruled. Right?


As far as genuinely ghostly Casino things go, the Tropicana is perhaps the one that is the least convincing, and most tongue in cheek. It seems that there is a tiki mask that sits outside the entrance of the Tropicana, and wouldn’t you know it; the mask is haunted. How startling and alarming.

It is suggested that those who touch the mask are struck with a curious purple rash. And, even more startling and alarming, sometimes those who have a photo taken with the mask find curious results in the photographic image. A purple haze, it is said, is seen emanating from the mask in the photo. Gasp, scream, how ghostly. Best head on down and see for yourself, and maybe pop in for a drink while you’re at it, since you’re there!

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