Bankroll management from the experts

Sure, if you’re naff at poker then ultimately, you’re going to lose money. It’s important to state the obvious before we go any further. If you’re folding aces and going all in with 2/7 then you need to get better. Otherwise, what most people struggle with is actually managing their bankroll. Well, here at we don’t think that’s very fair. So, from the goodness of our hearts, we’ve decided to put this simple guide together. Honestly, it’s really simple. Enjoy!

Let’s get started!

Poker money is simply for poker!

Honestly, it’s obvious, but a lot of people get it wrong. Poker money, i.e. your bankroll, is for playing poker with only. If you need to pay bills with your bankroll, or you’re lending money to play poker with, then please, don’t spend it. That’s money tied up in other places, and definitely not for poker.

For example, say you have a bankroll of $1000. Initially, it sounds like you have $1000 to play with. Well, that’s until you realise you need to pay for repairs on your car and your kid’s guitar lessons for the month – that’s bound to cost $600. Realistically, you have $400 to play with and just because it’s in your betting account doesn’t mean that you HAVE to spend it. Ultimately, be sensible with your bankroll and you won’t end up getting into trouble.

Only play your very best with bankroll money

Is your bankroll your WHOLE poker budget? Is it all you can afford? If so, you’ll probably be gutted when it all goes. If that’s the case you simply cannot afford to whittle it away playing games when you’re too drunk/tired. Honestly, if you’re playing with a limited amount of cash – like most of us – then treat every game like it’s your last.

If you’ve got loads of cash to spare – probably because you’re a high-flier working full-time hours – then you can be a little more loose with your play. Let’s be straight though, nobody enjoys losing continuously and if you keep playing like a fool, you’re probably gonna get bored. Step it up and keep entertained.

You game selection is dependent on your bankroll

Your poker bankroll should definitely depend on a number of other factors. What format of game do you enjoy playing, playing style and tolerance for swings – good an bad. Somebody who plays small bets can survive on a small bankroll. Oppositely, a person who enjoys playing big buy-ins will require a bigger bankroll. It’s as simple as that!

Find your perfect bankroll balance

Some people prefer to play with bigger bankrolls, but this brings more responsibility. Some people prefer to top us as they go, so they have more control. It’s honestly up to you how you manage your bankroll. Of course, it really lies in how much you’re willing to risk. If you’re going to head into a big tournament, the temptation is to blast a load of money into your account. That takes a lot of guts to do, so you know, make sure you’re comfortable with it first. That is, honestly, the most important thing!

So, there you go, our quick and easy guide to bankroll management. If you’re a big fan of poker and you manage your own huge bankroll then drop us a comment in the section below. Make sure you bookmark for all the latest gambling news and action.

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