From land based casino to social media

There is a growing trend lately of social gambling on social media websites. But what exactly is social gambling, and how does it work?

Social gambling specifically refers to casino games offered on social media websites. By far the most widespread platform for this type of gambling is Facebook, with Zynga being among the most popular options with social gamblers around the world. Other social media platforms that offer social gambling include Google+, Bebo, and My Space. There are a number of games offered in this sphere; including pokies, poker, roulette and blackjack, and even lottery scratch tickets.

Phone Or Browser

Almost all social gambling games are available for mobile phone, or can be played directly in a browser on a desktop computer. Given that, the games are generally simple in design, their flexibility is enormous, meaning that virtually anyone can play on whatever platform they choose.

Cross-play is also possible, allowing anyone to jump in or out of a game with enormous flexibility. It is this ease of use and convenience, among other things, that has made social gambling so popular. Plus, of course, the levels of convenience also mean that a person can jump in and play a few games wherever they are, whatever they happen to be doing. Assuming, of course, an Internet connection is available.

Mostly Free Fun

Importantly, however, the vast majority of social gambling games are 100% free. Not a cent is spent playing the games, with only virtual currency being earned and spent. The virtual currency is treated as if it were real in the confines of the casino games, but only very few countries allow real money to be spent at all.

This begs the question as to why social gambling games are so popular, and continue to grow in popularity on a daily basis? The answer, of course, is simple; casino games are fun and relaxing even when not playing for real money. And many social gambling games even offer real prizes, even if they are not cash payouts.

Despite being viewed as ‘free’ social gambling is a $2.7 billion industry, but these profits do not come from the casino games themselves. Instead, social gambling companies offer other items and benefits that can be bought for real cash. For example, social gambling players can buy one another virtual gifts, which are bought with real money, or can buy the ‘keys’ to unlocking new levels.

Who Is Playing And Why?

So who are the millions of players that log on to social gambling games on a daily basis, and why are they playing? A study has shown that the majority of social gamblers may not be who is initially expected. It turns out that the average age of a social gambler is 39, with most playing after work, and some even during work hours. 46% of the total numbers are women, and 54% men.

Of the total of social gamblers, at least 14% play on a daily basis, for at least an hour. Almost all play at least once a week. And the main reasons that people play? Very simply, stress relief, social interaction, mental stimulation, and relaxation. Plus, of course, many play for the practice it provides in their favourite casino games, which they will play for real money some other time, and the element of competition also attracts many who like to see their names at the top of the leader board.

Most Popular Social Gambling Games

As far as social gambling goes, the popularity of the games very closely mirrors real casino popularity. The most played games are, as always, slots games. Millions play free slot games online at their favourite social media website, with Zynga Free Slots having the most concurrent players daily.

Blackjack and poker come in second, all but tied in terms of popularity. These games offer the benefit of players being able to interact with one another, making them perfect for those who are out to make new friends, or just enjoy a bit of chitchat with a stranger. Buying the other players virtual drinks is the norm in these sorts of social games.

Roulette comes in third, with single and multiplayer version available at social gambling casinos. Everyone loves betting on red and black, and social gambling games make it possible to do so with groups of strangers ready to share in the cheers, or raise a ‘glass’ when things go South.

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