Belleville, the casino planned for several years, finally had its opening ceremony last month. The new venue, operated by the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, is part of the East Gaming bundle agreement, which will have overall control of gaming activities in the Ontario province.

The casino opening ceremony of the decade!

Chuck Keeling, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and Responsible Gaming Advocate of Great Canadian Gaming, had high hopes for the grandest of opening ceremonies last month.

Keeling’s goal is to have the casino open by the first quarter of 2017 and so the even was simply ceremonial — yet that didn’t affect the impressive display put on. Although, with concrete flooring already lay in certain areas, we might not be waiting too long.

The ceremony led to some key announcements from Keeling, with information on the initial big packages that are to be distributed. Great Canadian Gaming, would, as it seems, tender the project in sequence and do everything all in one go, with packages for the venue expected to be tendered in the next few weeks.

Concept drawings reveal impressive feat…

Drawings released have shown the proposed casino venue; with the gaming facility being more than 48,000 square feet in total.  The building with have a metal façade, according to reports, and windows that stretch from floor to ceiling. Maximum capacity is set to reach more than a thousand, with 700 guests being able to fit more than comfortably.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a wide range of Vegas-style slot machines, alongside 20 table games. On top of this, the Belleville Venue will include a bar & lounge, entertainment space and a dedicated restaurant. GCG is investing $41 million CAD into the construction of the Belleville, with around 300 jobs created in the process.

The project was only commissioned after GCC came to agreement with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The agreement states that the new casino will provide up to 5.25% of the first $65 million generated by the electronic games within the casino. 4% if all profits will be shared with Belleville as well, in what appears to be a fair and reasonable agreement.

What do you think? Are you excited to see the Belleville Casino open? Are you a resident yourself? Let us know in the comments section below!



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