Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much the internet has changed our lives. This is because it has slowly integrated itself into the very fabric thereof. Slowly but surely established norms have fallen by the wayside, and even industries. The map book industry provides an ideal example of something that was common enough for years to ensure the fact that every family owned one. It’s almost been eradicated completely. The phonebook, once incredibly thick and commonly used in conjunction with the map book has halved in size, and the Yellow Pages continues to limp on. Two things are indicative of this – the book is a shadow of itself in size and it doesn’t advertise at all anymore. The internet has literally wiped out, hampered and curtailed a bunch of norms and industries. The print medium has been heavily affected. However, in the long run it’s beneficial to the environment – less pages, less chopped trees.

The net has also birthed new industries and created lots of money for those with skill, vision and insight. With the aid of a smartphone, initially a commodity, now and commonality (36 to 40% of the population now owns a smartphone), people have gotten access to a host of benefits and technologies. Technologies once sought after, once highly valued and once considered quite exclusive, are now within the reach of the common man. In some ways the internet and its associated technologies have evened out the playing fields and in others, watered them down completely. Its ability to exalt anyone willing to make the effort has also taken away what might have been deemed special about acquiring that exaltation in the first place.

One thing’s for sure, it’s given everyone a voice. Your ability as an individual to reach people has been accentuated tremendously and this has brought about a visual and auditory revolution. People are making videos for all kinds of reasons. Some for popularity, some to get as many viewers as they want and some because they feel they’ve got something to say. But there’s also been a renaissance in some sectors, namely cooking and DIY (Do It Yourself) jobs. Both have found new life with innovative vloggers producing content showcasing cooking and DIY jobs within seconds to minutes. Innovative editing has produced mini tutorials to cook just about anything, as well as new things, and the same goes for DIY jobs.A new wave of creativity has emerged in the form of the DIY videos and it’s taken off for a number of reasons, namely the fact that a lot of it makes use of ordinary household items and this incorporates attributes of creativity, recycling, re-using and what-have-you-not. Best of all, the outcomes are stylish and affordable. With this in mind, let us now look at the 5 top DIY jobs and tips.

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The 5 Top DIY Jobs

The Pillow Pocket

Pillow Pocket
Source: Sew4Home

This one despite its simplicity is a real winner in my eyes. As an avid TV watcher, I have to pose the question: How often do you find yourself looking for the remote control? I think it happens often enough for people to seek out a remedy and the Pillow Pocket is definitely the answer. The real beauty of the pillow pocket is the concept, which is the marriage of a throw pillow and a jeans pocket. I would imagine almost any pocket could do, depending on the colour of the pillow, as long as it’s old and not in use anymore. The application of the pocket to the pillow serves a dual function; it makes the pillow look stylish and it serves as a holder for the remote.

The Suitcase Table

Suitcase Table
Source: YouTube

This one is for those fans of all things retro. I cannot see the concept working with a modern briefcase – that would just be awful. But old suitcases, now that’s a different story! Most people have old suitcases and if you don’t have one, coming by one will not present a challenge. By simply attaching four table legs, painted to match the colour of the suitcase, you’ve got something in which to store blankets, quilts or duvets. On top of it you’ve got a table to keep books on or one to serve as bedside table.

The Vintage-Globe Light

Vintage-Globe Light
Source: Debis Design Diary

I’m not sure what it’s like now, but I remember when I was growing up it wasn’t uncommon for most households to have a globe of the world for decorative purposes, but much more for practicality. You either owned an atlas of the world or you had the globe, or both. Like many items of a certain era, the globe’s use as a device of knowledge and practical help has vanished, but its value remains as a decorative, and cool way to spruce up the look of a room or the interior thereof. Plus, thanks to these things now serving as decorations, finding a cardboard one on eBay is easy, and with a wire you can transform it into an ultra-cool light fixture – ideal for a study, a place of reading, or wherever you choose to pursue your creative endeavours.

Wooden Peg Creative Flower Pots

Wooden Peg lower Pot
Source: Pinterest

A wooden peg has always had more going for it than the job for which it was designated. Get a bunch of these simple wooden clothing hangers together and there is fun to be had. When I was a nipper, my older brother used to make all kinds of toys from wooden pegs through interconnecting them, or dismantling them and then putting them back together in strange and amusing ways. The ease with which these pegs can be used to make flower pots, coupled with the attractive and rustic end product, makes them an ideal inclusion on this list. All you need is a used tuna can and a whole lot of pegs to clip on to it. This will eventually create a wall which in turn will serve as an enclosure in which a cute pot plant can be placed.

Branch Candle Holder

Branch Candle Holder
Source: Positively Glamorous

What a cool idea this one is! And once again, the implementation is a breeze. Find a piece of driftwood. If you can’t find one in a vlei or some natural body of water, then I’m sure your local plant and hardware store will suffice. Sand down the branch and then proceed to drill holes for where the candle holders will go. Whether you want to paint it afterwards or apply a coat of varnish is up to you. This simple rustic solution to the candle holder is a great addition to the home.

To Conclude

A top 5 list is really no way in which to tackle the barrage of great ideas that exist in the world of DIY jobs. The creativity of those involved in this new internet-birthed age of DIY jobs is so vast that to limit it to the aforementioned ones is laughable. But then again, who’s to say you’re here to learn about DIY jobs?

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