Here at Lucky Nugget Casino we do a lot more than provide players with a great selection of games. We also like to keep you updated with all the goings on across the regions we cover, and it isn’t always casino news. So, we’re sure you’ll be interested by these two news stories that came out in Berlin not long after one another.

‘Honest finder’ returns €33,500 briefcase

Firstly, a story that shows the good in people. Police praised the honesty of a person who found a briefcase with cash and gold worth €33,500 under a tree in the working class area of Neukölln. There was €3,500 in cash and a further 22 gold bars that weighed up to 1kg and the finder handed it into police, who tweeted; “Amazing what you can find under a tree in Neukölln”.

Later, the man who had left the briefcase was tracked down and said after locking his bike up he completely forgot he’d put it down! But, it could be a costly mistake as German law stipulates a finders fee of 3-5% of the value of the items found. Meanwhile, the lost and found office can charge a further fee of 10% for keeping the items safe.

Arrests made over huge gold coin heist


In a more worrying story, police have moved to arrest those behind an audacious robbery that saw a huge solid-gold coin taken from the Bode museum. Raids took place in the district of Neukölln and a car was seized by the authorities.

It’s believed the robbers used a ladder to get into the museum and even had a wheelbarrow to take the huge coin away in. Additionally, they would have had to break through bullet-proof glass and evade burglar alarms, which has shocked police. However, CCTV footage was released of the suspects at a local train station as an investigation began. What’s more, of the 540,000 objects that are on display at the museum, only the gold coin was taken.

The coin itself is Canadian and known as the ‘Big Maple Leaf’. It’s 220lb of pure 24-carat gold and has a value of over $4m. Standing at 21 inches and 3cm thick, the coin was the largest coin in the world when it was made in 2007. To make matters worse, the coin has yet to be found with police presuming that it has been melted and sold off already.

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