I’m sure we all love going to the casino. The excitement, tension and nerves that are generated by each game makes it thrilling to play, and you’re delighted when you win. Well, for those of you in Edmonton, you have just been given another great venue to experience the thrill that the casino can bring.

While the rest of us will settle for Lucky Nugget Casino and their fantastic games, if you are in the area, it’s worth checking out the new Grand Villa Casino, and here are the details.

What’s it about?

Well, the new casino only opened in early September but should prove to be a hit with both the locals and other visitors to the area.

It will be replacing the much maligned Baccarat Casino which often drew criticism for providing the area with an eyesore, however there will be no such problems now. Although, both buildings are owned by the same group, which are Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. But they are determined that the Grand Villa Casino will leave a much better lasting impression with the punters.

Enjoy a range of games

After a whopping $32m investment, you would expect a top of the range casino and that’s what you will find.

It’s double the size of the old Baccarat and boasts a very impressive 24 table games and 600 slots in its 60,000 square feet space. As well as that you will also find private gaming salons. Sounds nice!

Yet there’s more, the Grand Villa Casino is about giving you the all-round casino experience which means that you can eat and drink on site. There is a large food court and numerous bars that will allow players to relax in between visiting the casino.

This is about attracting a new range of clientele and they hope to lose the reputation that the Baccarat had. By trying to give Edmonton a taste of the ‘New Las Vegas’ you think the players will arrive in their droves to experience the fun.

So, there you have it, what great news for the people of Edmonton! The new casino is much more than the fantastic range of games that it has on offer. You can enjoy all aspects of a fine night, dining out, having drinks and of course experiencing the array of games on offer. It really is the perfect combination when it comes to the casino. Enjoy it!


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