Here at Lucky Nugget Casino we get behind the footy starts no matter what they do, and while Jogi Low and the boys were unfortunate to fall at the semi-final hurdle at Euro 2016 in France, they still had a World Cup win to cheer this summer involving the football.

That’s because Germany won the annual Robocup – the World Cup of football for robots at the recent tournament that was held in Leipzig.

How did they do it?

The victorious team from the University of Bremen needed penalties to overcome their rivals in the final who were from the University of Texas. The match finished 0-0 and was left to the lottery of penalties. Except, as we know, and as Italy found out in Euro 2016, it is not a lottery against the Germans. With the usual efficiency and skill, our robots dispatched all three penalties with the Americans failing to score for a resounding penalty shoot-out win. Again.


It was a redemption of sorts for those involved at Bremen, after the side lost 3-1 in the final last year which was held in Melbourne.

How does robot football work?

It is quite a remarkable concept where all entrants must use the same robots, a 23-inch high ‘’Nao’’ and it is up to the teams involved to develop the software that makes them capable of playing football.

In terms of the rules and regulations, it is a five-a-side pitch measuring nine metres by six metres and there are two ten minute halves, and just like real life, the teams must make sure the goalkeeper only touches the ball with its hands or arms within the penalty area! Incredible.

Okay it might not make up for the defeat to France but I’m sure you will join us in saying a big well done to those involved at Bremen University that made Germany champions of the world in another field!

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