Online gambling in Germany is in a very complex situation right now, with a new gambling treaty designed to offer a clear regulation on the industry not due in place until 2018. In the meantime, the government don’t seem in any rush at all to provide a framework that would allow players to gamble online freely.

Of course, the current confusion hasn’t prevented players from playing, but when the new treaty is in place, it should provide more opportunities and improve the quality for players. But, will it even go through in the new year? Here we bring you the latest.

What is the current German gambling treaty?

As of now, the German states are following the gambling treaty that was introduced in 2012. These were the first steps that were taken to regulate the industry, however it’s fair to say that it wasn’t well received by all.

The main gripe with the 2012 treaty was that it restricted the number of international operators that could work within Germany. Local operators could offer sports betting, but only 20 licenses were available outside of that, and inevitably more operators were interested.

Despite the criticism, the Court of Justice ruled that local authorities were barred from prosecuting online sports books that targeted German citizens whilst based in the EU. It created more uncertainty and questioned the point of the original treaty.

What will the new gambling treaty include?


Given the severe criticism, the new treaty would make several changes, with the most notable being the introduction of 40 gambling licenses to international operators. Given the amount of operators interested last time, this should ensure they all get a license.

Yet, this hasn’t appealed to everyone. The state of Schleswig-Holstein, have declared that they would like to introduce their own gambling act for their people, which would also give greater freedom for locals when it comes to playing casino games.

So, it remains to be seen how the treaty will play out and whether the states will all have to agree to the latest one. Either way, the current situation shows that Germany is extremely slow when it comes to sorting out their gambling industry.

This was reflected in a report by the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) which revealed that the German gambling market is significantly falling behind other EU nations. It recommended that the government further deregulate the gambling market, believing that it would benefit both operators and players in the future.

Ultimately, we will wait to see what happens with the latest gambling treaty. It has been a contentious issue for many years within Germany and there could still be more twists and turns in the future. But, thankfully it won’t stop players enjoying the casino games from Lucky Nugget Casino!

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