The toughest places to gamble in the world!

Online casino gambling is viewed as a luxury for some, but for others it is regarded as evil. If you’re someone who enjoys playing the casino – whether that’s online or bricks and mortar – then you’re going to have to find something else to do when visiting the countries below.

Lucky Nugget Casino has taken a look at a few countries that you should, at all costs, not gamble in! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Cayman Islands


The Cayman Islands are both a major hub for tourists and a key centre for businesses looking for a tax shelter, so you could assume that gambling would be a big pull for this country.

Well, you might be surprised to hear that this country actively bans all forms of gambling on the islands.

The penalties for gambling in this country are generally quite relaxed, with the maximum fine for playing online casino games in this country being $10. You have to be careful though, as some offences can fetch you 2-months imprisonment. If you do decide to start your own illegal gambling, which is incredibly foolish and is most definitely not advocated, your scheme you can fetch a fine of up to $400. Or, if tried under the ‘Proceeds of Crime’ law, two years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Vatican City


Unsurprisingly, gambling in the Vatican City is very much illegal. It is the home of the Catholic faith after all.

With a population of just 900, there simply isn’t need for a large gambling facility. One quirky fact about the Vatican City is that it has the highest crime rate in the world, with 1.5 crimes per citizen. This isn’t because the pope is the head of a huge organised crime operation, it’s just that there’s quite a few pick-pockets.

With it being a largely Catholic environment, the city-state sees little, if literally no gambling activity whatsoever. Wonderful scenery, but not the place for gamblers.



The only thing that is authorised in Bhutan is the lottery, which has to be managed by the state according to law.

Gambling laws are strictly enforced, with one single minor breach of their laws resulting in a one-month jail term. If one was to breach a major offence then they could land themselves with a one-year jail sentence!

India’s Playwin lottery was authorised in Bhutan at one point, but was scrapped when winnings were taxed heavily, resulting in a measly win for players.

North Korea


Of course, we’re not saying you should pack your bags and head off to North Korea, but if you did want a gambling destination that’s a little bit different then North Korea is perfect for you.

Tourists are permitted to gamble in Pachinko parlours, but are heavily regulated by the North Korean government. Citizens, who have everything from internet usage to travel heavily regulated. if you’re a tourist then fantastic, but if not, well you’re probably not reading this anyway!

These are some of the most terrible places to gamble in the world, so why not head on over to Lucky Nugget Casino instead and enjoy gambling from the comfort of your own home. Good luck at the casino!

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