Whether you’re looking to improve on existing skills or just getting into the game, mastering poker takes some time and patience. The only way to improve is to practice. Here are Lucky Nugget Casino’s top tips on how to practice poker. Learn the plays, read your friends, and win those hands – and you’ll be taking on the thrilling casino poker games before you know it.

Try out poker training software

Once you’ve got the basics covered, the only way you can get better is by playing more poker. Poker training software can help you with this, analyzing how you play and how that differs from the mathematically ideal plays. The best in poker training software is based on machine learning algorithms, which means it can improve over time as well as adapting to different strategies as it gains more information on how to play. There are some free programs out there, while the very top ones offer a free trial period before asking you to pay.

Have game nights with friends


No matter how much maths computer simulations might teach you, nothing compares to actually playing poker with other people. Invite your friends round and hold a poker night to learn how to play against them. You can set your own play limits to keep the stakes low, and turn it into a fun bring-your-own-bottle night. It’s also a casual introduction into reading people: see if you can work out your friends’ tells, and work on your own poker face.

Play low-stakes video poker

If you’re less concerned with reading people’s faces and more about winning hands, then video poker is a great game to play to practice. You can play it for very low stakes on many different sites, including Lucky Nugget Casino. Only risk a small amount and play a large number of hands to find out what tactics work best, and even potentially win a small sum back if you’ve got the skills.

Hire a poker coach


More serious poker players might look for more in-depth ways to improve their knowledge, and hiring a poker coach can be just the boost you need. Paying for a session with a poker coach is costly, but potentially less than playing multiple hands of cards – as well as having the potential to teach you a lot more, and help you make better plays in the future. Play with them in person, contact them online, or sign up for a program on the internet to boost your skills.

There’s many different ways to practice poker and improve your game. Try just one, or a mix of them, to really see the benefits. No matter how much you know, after all, there’s always room to get better. Have fun, and play responsibly.

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