Playing roulette is tense, exciting and thrilling, but unfortunately the ball doesn’t always land where you want. However, it’s the unpredictability that adds to the appeal of the game. Yet, some players may not always help themselves when it comes to winning. Here we share with you five tips to win at roulette.

It won’t guarantee anything, but it’s sure to help you in your quest for success.

Always play the European version

As seasoned players will know, there are two versions of the classic casino game around, but there’s only one you should be playing. The addition of a double zero on the American game means you are dealing with one more number than the European style.

This increases the house edge from 2.7% to 5.26%, which may not seem much, but why do it? Both wheels pay out the same odds, but you are decreasing your chance of winning by playing an American game, so don’t do it!

European roulette wheels contain 37 numbers, compared to 38 on American wheels
European roulette wheels contain 37 numbers, compared to 38 on American wheels

Don’t rush!

Given you can enjoy online roulette with Lucky Nugget Casino, there really is no excuse to rush things. The game will not disappear, there is no time restrictions, so keep a cool head when you play.

Rushing into bets or decisions may mean you aren’t thinking things through. And, if you have to sit out one spin, so be it. There will be more, whether online or in the casino, roulette is easily accessible, so make sure you enjoy playing.

Stick to your bankroll

Following on from not rushing into bets, it’s vital to stick to your bankroll. As well as that, if you have set yourself a limit, make sure you can bet over a period of time instead of putting it all on one bet.

Should you reach a target that you want in terms of winnings, or lose what you had set aside, it’s time to stop. You will only be successful at roulette if you enjoy it, becoming desperate and anxious can result in rash decisions.

Anything can happen

Roulette wheel

The gamblers fallacy refers to the mistaken belief that if something happens more frequently than normal during a period of time, it’s likely to happen less frequently in the future. And, for roulette players, this can be a huge problem.

If five reds land in a row, on the sixth spin it doesn’t mean it will be black. Each spin is independent and the possibility of each outcome is the same no matter what has gone on before. Don’t fall into the trap!

Practice makes perfect

Roulette is a fairly simple game to play, however novices might not understand the range of bets that are available. If that’s the case, play online for on demo mode! Make sure you grasp everything about the game before you play for cash.

Whether it’s implementing strategies or knowing the bets, ensure you’re fully clued up before you hit the tables for real.

That concludes our five tips to win at roulette. They won’t guarantee results, but they’re sure to help you out. So, next time you are experiencing the fun of roulette, make sure you implement these little steps, it could make a big difference!

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