There’s no doubt that the ease and accessibility of casino games has improved the overall gaming experience for players. Going through the range of emotions that roulette brings out or trying to beat the dealer at blackjack is only ever a click away with your Lucky Nugget Casino app. However, while playing through your phone or on your sofa is appealing, there are still many advantages of visiting land based casinos.

That’s because there’s so much more than just the games when you visit some of the best gambling cities around, it’s the complete entertainment package. Here we will rundown five places any avid player must check out, starting with the obvious one!

Las Vegas


Vegas has firmly established itself as the entertainment capital of the world and gambling is at the centre of it. Since the 1930s players have been hitting the strip to play their favourite casino games but today there is so much more to enjoy. The real transformation of Sin City can be traced back to 1989 when the mega-resort era began, with Steve Wynn who was behind the construction of The Mirage. Since then, a range of similarly fantastic resorts have opened including; MGM Grand, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Palazzo and many, many more down the iconic strip.

With such fantastic venues providing luxury accommodation and featuring classy casino floors that offer every game imaginable, it’s no surprise to see tourism figures are still extremely high. In 2016, 42.9 million people visited South Nevada, spending $35.5bn in the process!

Yet, it’s not just casino games on offer, with live theatre and music from some of the biggest names in the industry regularly performing. And, Vegas has become the number one place for boxing fans. In the 90s fans would flock to see the likes of Mike Tyson, while there was only one city that would host the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor bout. Ultimately, Vegas is a city that has it all and remains the dream destination for any gambling fan.



Next we will look at the ‘Vegas of China’. Macau has developed that name because of the glitz, glamour and range of casino games that they offer. Bordering mainland China and the Pearl River Delta, Macau attracts most of its visitors from China, where it’s the only legal place to gamble. Although, as its reputation has soared, tourists have come from across the globe. Gambling in Macau is vital to the economy, with around 50% of the official revenue brought in by gambling.

That revenue significantly dwarfs Vegas, with $45bn brought in through gambling alone in 2014, compared to $6.5bn that gambling specifically brought in at Vegas at the same period. This prompted some of the biggest names behind the mega-resorts and grand casinos in Vegas open similar venues in Macau. Yet, in 2016 revenues began to fall heavily, although recent times have seen something of a revival, but Macau still relies on the mega-money gambling brings in.

As you would expect, there’s a lot more than the 33 casinos to enjoy in Macau. Entertainment is easy to come by, with live music and spectacular performances regularly on show. There are a range of bars and restaurants accessible that will easily remind players of Vegas.

Atlantic City


Despite having a population of around 40,000, this small resort on New Jersey’s Atlantic coast is known across the world, and it’s down to gambling. In its heyday, Atlantic City would easily compete with Vegas, and from 1981 it brought in $1bn through revenue. That would rise year on year until the recession hit in 2007.

Similarly to Vegas, Atlantic City was about much more than just casinos. The iconic boardwalk, wide beaches and lively nightlife meant that this was the place to be. Whether you were looking for a comedy night, theatre or big artists from the music industry, Atlantic City had it all. It also featured some of the biggest fights, as Vegas does now.

However, things changed after the global recession and revenues began to drop and the gap between Atlantic City and Vegas was huge. Yet, things are beginning to pick up again now. With eight major casino resorts in the city, there’s plenty of choice, each providing quality casino floors. The nightlife is great and the boardwalk and beaches ensure Atlantic City will always offer a picturesque setting that makes it stand out from the rest. The good days could be coming back to the Vegas of the East Coast!

Monte Carlo


If you’re looking for a glamorous getaway to fulfil your gambling needs, then Monte Carlo is the place to go. It’s also the only place in Europe from our list. Based in the Principality of Monaco, Monte Carlo has a population that is around 3,500. With extremely wealthy residents, fast cars and grand buildings are always on show, with a gorgeous Mediterranean backdrop.

The casino itself is one of the most impressive buildings in the area and has a history with gambling dating back to the 1800s. Crystal chandeliers and fine murals are across the casino floor and you can hit the tables, just like James Bond did in Monte Carlo. Away from that, Michelin star restaurants, ballet shows and opera ensure your experience will be like no other.

Given the level of clients and sophistication, a strict dress code is in place, which will make you feel like a film-star yourself. Meanwhile, tables have certain limits so it’s best to check them out before you start. All in all, Monte Carlo gives you a glimpse into another world and this is why it’s one of the best casinos to visit for any player out there.

San Jose


The last city that gamblers should check out is San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. It may not have the same reputation as a Vegas or Monte Carlo but that doesn’t mean players won’t have a great time. Overall, there are dozens of casinos in the city which will ensure you can explore a range of different options and that’s a big part of the attraction.

They predominantly feature in the tourist part of the city and are part of the hotels, which enables you to combine your stay with easy access to the casino, if that’s what you’re looking for. There is a more relaxed approach for casino players in San Jose, with very few strict dress codes which creates this atmosphere.

Of course, with so many casinos to choose from, you can select something that will suit your budget, but can be sure that San Jose caters to everyone. What’s more, whilst you are out there, why not try some of the local card games, with a Costa Rican version of Rummy very popular. Finally, all of this is complemented by the fantastic weather and many activities that are available in the city.

That concludes the five best gambling cities across the world. Whether it’s a short break or part of your summer vacation, all players will enjoy the casino choices that these brilliant destinations offer.

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