Whether you want to be alone with your new gift, or get together with friends and family, playing games is a strong part of the Christmas tradition. It’s all about relaxing and unwinding however you want. 


Ah, the old classic. Everyone has a set of Monopoly in their house, even if nobody remembers buying it. Dust it off and set it up on the dining table, and have a classic game of property management, estate agency and price gouging.

Of course, in reality, nobody finishes a game of Monopoly. It’s always abandoned a few hours into the evening as you realise that it was a pointless endeavor. No matter who you’re playing with, Monopoly is one of those Christmas traditions which might be better off being replaced. And yet, you know that it’ll come out every year, and cause a shouting match between your parents, and then be put away only to be pulled out again next Christmas.

Shot roulette


If you’re celebrating Christmas with friends rather than family, then you’ll probably want to indulge in some alcohol together. There are various different ways to play shot roulette, but in essence they all combine the fun of gambling with the joy of drinking.

You could play Russian Roulette, where all the shots are normal but one has been spiked with chili. You could play roulette-based games, where you spin a roulette wheel and different numbers designate which person needs to drink. You could even by a roulette drinking game kit, and get neatly numbered shot glasses to help in your valiant crusade towards having a booze-fueled Christmas.

The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian was announced for development in 2007, but its release has been delayed for a number of years. It’s also just been released for PS4, and there’s no doubt it’ll be at the top of many people’s Christmas list this year.

The game is an action adventure title, revolving around a young boy and his strange bird-like friend. Gameplay borrows elements from other famous titles like Shadow of the Colossus and it’s designed to be thoughtful rather than just another shoot-‘em-up. Lose yourself in the beautiful backgrounds, and enjoy this masterpiece of a game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

If you had a smartphone this year, you probably ended up getting involved in Pokemon Go. The series is better known for its regular portable game instalments though, so 2016 is a great time to jump on board with the series you loved as a kid. This latest installment is out on the Nintendo 3DS.

The new games, Pokemon Sun and Moon, take place in a Hawaii-like country called Alola. You can run around catching monsters old and new, as well as fighting tough trainers and challenging the Elite Four. There’s a bunch of cool online features too, meaning you can battle and trade with anyone in the world.

Pandemic Legacy

There’s genuinely nothing better than a good board game at Christmas, which is why we want to give you a good game choice for your Christmas list. Pandemic Legacy combines a co-operative classic game, Pandemic, with an ever-evolving Legacy element.

Pick three friends or family members who you’ll see a lot, and play through the game with them. The actions of your previous game impact all your future games, which makes it an amazing journey and one of the best board games in the world. Play it with careful strategy and planning, or just wing it and see what happens – either way, it’ll be as much fun as any top-tier video game!

Christmas is a time for playing. So whether that’s spending your money at the online casino or playing alongside your loved ones, these Christmas games are great ways to entertain yourself this Yuletide season.

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