When it comes to fashion, we all have our own style. The clothes we buy dictates that, and personal taste and budget always come into choosing what you want, however, it’s never that simple. Can’t decide what to wear? Looking for a specific item? Like the look of what someone on the TV is wearing? These are all natural thoughts, yet you can solve these problems by downloading the latest apps.

From seeking bargains on the designer deals, to a step-by-step guide on the latest fashion etiquette, these apps will play an important role in your fashion world.

Necktie Deluxe is the one for the men


Planning on hitting the casino, then you need to look the part. Necktie Deluxe  guides you on how to do a bow tie, and we know you all struggle. Whether it’s the wife, or even the mother, many a man will turn for help with the bow tie – it’s just how it is. But this app will solve that problem, and you can even show off by doing a range of knots!

If you are wearing a bow-tie, it usually means you are out for a good night. We’re thinking dinner parties, or, of course, the casino. Sure, most of you will be playing the entertaining table games like roulette and blackjack on your Lucky Nugget Casino app, because you can experience the fun from anywhere. However, going to the casino still has the pull as a great social occasion – and the bow tie is an essential part of that.

We know who you’re thinking – Bond. Going to the casino in your tux allows you to channel your own 007, and it should be a great night. Well put on your tux, read this app, maybe do a fancy know as well, and then you’re just missing one thing when you arrive – martini, shaken not stirred.

Have your own stylist with PS Dept


The celebs always seem so flawless, don’t they? With the latest outfits, every tiny detail is scrutinised, but most of the time, whether you like to admit it or not, they look good. That’s because for a lot of them, they will have a stylist with them 24/7, looking at all of the latest brands, the different accessories and of course, money is no object.

However, PS Dept gives you the chance to have your own stylist, of sorts. It’s your personal fashion consultant, all day, every day. Whether you are seeking a floor length dress for a classy night, a cocktail dress for a party, or something far more casual, this app will do the work for you.

It partners up with stylists and brands, giving you expert access and perfect advice, and then, when you’ve found what you need, you can shop through the app so purchasing the item couldn’t be easier! Nice.

Find the right brands with Mallzee


If you’ve ever used Tinder, and we reckon you all have, then this is the Tinder of mobile shopping. You can look through different brands, selecting the ones that you like and working from there, then picking specific outfits.

As well as that, you can refine your searches. If you wanted something for a dinner party, or needed a handbag to complete your outfit, then you can search specifically for those items. Plus, we know that budget is important, and so do Mallzee, because anytime that an item you have searched for drops in price, you will be notified. Get those bargains!

Gilt gives you the big-name bargains


Generally speaking, the price you pay reflects the quality, and this app focuses on the big brands, we’re talking the likes of Gucci, Prada and Gant. However, if searching for the biggest names in the business wasn’t enough, there is a little twist to the Gilt app.

They will only search for the bargain deals! We’ve already stressed how important price is to many buyers, and let’s be honest, the price of designer clothes can be astronomical. So you can nab a designer deal with this app. Offers will be posted out at about 5pm UK time, and you will be given a range of the best offers around – sometimes you could save around 60%! Enjoy.

This great service for customers ensured that it won an award as the best shopping app of 2015.

Valet: Helping you with every step


With fashion, and in particular apps, you may think that there’s a bigger focus towards women. Sure, it may be the case on the whole, with the number of blogs and outlets that cater for females. However, there are still many apps that men can get that will help them with tips and advice on what to wear.

One of those is Valet, which is ideal for the men who want to stay ahead of the game. Highlighting the latest offerings in men’s fashion, it will mean that you always see the latest trends, even if they aren’t for you. Plus, another standout feature of this app is the step-by-step and how-to guides.

Sure, not every man will need them, but it’s fair to say it will be more than useful to some! If you are one that struggles with fashion, this app will be the ideal one to get you up to speed.


So, there you have it – fashion decisions just don’t have to be that stressful. These range of apps can help all sorts of people, whether you are on a budget or in need of specific instructions to solve problems. They can all be at your fingertips in seconds, just find the apps and enjoy the benefits they will bring.

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