Here at Lucky Nugget Casino we offer our players a range of different gaming options. Of course, you can get the classic casino options like roulette, poker and blackjack, and our slots page is also extremely impressive, check it out of you haven’t. There are a host of games that will appeal to you, whether you are a new player or experienced with the games.

Here though, we will be taking a look at the best TV inspired slots, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them.

Game of Thrones


There’s only one game to start with, the TV show that everyone is talking about. With Season six having recently finished, fans were once again left in awe of the fantastic show. Well, now you can enjoy it in slot format as you wait for the next instalment.

With your favourite characters, storylines and settings, you will fall in love with this game in a second and it is time for you to pick your side and get playing!

Not only is it a great slot with outstanding features and graphics, there are also so many ways to win – 243 to be precise. Yep, 243! Throw in a few bonus features, free spins and a big jackpot, then this really is the perfect game, even if you have never seen the hit TV show, although we presume you have!

Jurassic Park


Another TV classic, Jurassic Park is a movie I am sure you have all seen. The more mature players out there will remember when it arrived on the scene and broke all of the box office records, and now you get the chance to experience it in slot format.

Armed with all of the favourite dinosaurs, the characters will give you the chance to win some money and boost your balance. However, the most impressive feature of this is the bonus features and interaction that the player can have. There are many wild symbols up for grabs and free spins will really help you along the way in your quest to hit the big money.

Once again, there are a huge 243 ways to win, so not only will this remind you of the classic film, every spin taken could be profitable, get involved!

Tomb Raider

Okay, for some of you this may be more memorable as a game, but there have been movies following the adventures of Lara Croft, so it still kind of counts as a TV-themed slot.

Anyway, like the other two, there are many reasons that this slot will appeal to you. Firstly, you can set your coin values at $0.05 so that means this game will appeal to everyone, if you don’t want to take big risks and act cautiously, this will also work.

The symbols will be relevant to Tomb Raider, and of course, Lara Croft is there! But the fun for the players really begins once you spin. There are free spins up for grabs and the more scatter symbols you get, the more you win. Go get them!

As well as that, the Tomb bonus is available and could help you land the big jackpot if you manage to navigate your way through it. That’s just one of the many reasons this slot is so popular.

So, there you have it, of course, this is just a sample, check out the full range of slots we offer on the site, but you can begin with these, your favourite TV games! Not only will you love the images, characters and gameplay, you can also win big. Very big! So get playing and good luck!

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