With summer here, it provides us with the chance to go out and enjoy ourselves perhaps more than we usually would and what better way than going to a music festival? There are many options available, all across Europe, however, there are some belters that are much closer to home and you will be able to find something that suits your tastes over in Europe.

The festival experience


As regular festival goers will tell you, there is so much about going to a festival that makes the experience fun. Often, it’s more than just about the music. Whether you’re camping in a tent, or there for the day, there are many ways you can enhance your overall festival experience.

Firstly, take your phone, because there can be a lot of waiting around involved with going to your favourite festivals. Stuck in traffic as you approach the venue? A long train journey ahead of you? Well if you have your phone then keep yourself entertained by having a dabble on the roulette wheel.  Not only will it keep you occupied and entertained, it will stop you getting cheesed off with your mates as you wait around. Plus, if you land a little winner it could give you that extra bit of cash, which brings us on nicely to the next thing you need at a festival.

Waterproofs, phone and toiletries

Now we’ve got the fun stuff out the way, like a nagging parent we will tell what else should be on your festival checklist. The first place to start is your waterproof, yes it’s summer, but you know how it works. It has the potential to come down by the bucket load no matter the month and standing shivering in the open air is not ideal. However, we can hope the sun is out. Fingers crossed.

Next, your phone. It will be useful for more than just gaming, we all know that one friend that will just literally disappear and you will spend ten frantic minutes trying to find them, by ringing them or texting them, until they waltz back with a pint in either hand blasting out their favourite song. But seriously, on top of that, your phone will allow you to capture the best images of the artists and your friends to make this festival memorable. Oh, and take a portable charger!

Then for those of you there for the night, you will need many things, toothbrush, toothpaste, cooking equipment, hairbrush, sleeping bags. The list goes on, you know all of this, now let’s look at some of the festivals…


This small town in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein comes alive for three days a year and that is because Wacken is here! It is the perfect festival for the heavy metal and hard rock fans out there and attracts around 75,000 people each year. Wacken has been around for decades and built up a great reputation. With many stages to choose from this could be a big three days for you and your mates.


With so many people there it undoubtedly creates a great atmosphere and allows you to meet a whole host of like-minded people which works to make Wacken a brilliant festival. The line-up for this year has been announced a long time and you can find all the details for who will be performing at what time and on what stage to ensure that you don’t miss out on your favourites on their website.

However, if this year has come around too soon for you, fear not, because Wacken will be back every year turning the small little town into the ultimate festival zone year after year.


Okay, you might not be able to camp at Lollapalooza but that doesn’t stop this being one of the better festivals out there. It comes towards the end of the festival scene this year, starting on September 10th. Many will flock to the capital for two days of unforgettable music with some major artists on show. Its artists vary from house DJ’s like Lost Frequencies to Kings of Leon, this is the festival that has a bit of everything and appeals to the masses. You will find a plethora of other musical talents who you will instantly recognise who will be appearing and you can find the line-up on their website and be left suitably impressed.


The festival is something of a worldwide attraction, going from America to various South American venues as well as Europe, treating fans from everywhere. It was in the city last year with the organiser saying it matched up with Berlin’s energy, fashion and music scene, and this year it is back in Treptower Park. So that is the place to be if you want to see the range of amazing artists on show and make it two days to savour in the capital.

So enjoy yourself this summer, as well as the ones mentioned there are other festivals available that might be more specific to your taste. Going to a festival with your friends is a fantastic experience. From the laughter when the journey starts to the actual artists that will start the night off in style, festivals create an abundance of memories and funny moments that you will be able to share forever. So find the right one for you and make this summer great!

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