Stick to smaller festive food portions

The festive season is here and you’ve probably already made peace with the fact that you will be gobbling down enormous amounts of food. It is, after all, the accepted norm, just like how playing your favourite online casino games is a great way to relax and unwind. But with the food gobbling comes an expected side effect; you’ll probably also be putting on a bit of weight. When January comes around you might suddenly realise that your jeans are a little tight, or you feel a bit on the larger side. That’s normal right?

Hold up; don’t accept the weight gain and unhealthy eating as part of the season. It turns out that you can still have a festive Christmas, but avoid the supposedly required poor eating decisions as well. Here are a few tips for staying healthy this festive season.

Bring Your Own

When the inevitable Christmas dinner rolls round, you can, and will probably be encouraged, to bring your own dish. Very simply make it a dish that you’re comfortable eating, and one that abides by any dietary personal choices. Of course make it a delicious dish, and one that everyone will enjoy. Just like that you now have an option for the meal that you know isn’t going to pack on any pounds.

Go easy on the Christmas cookies
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Savour Rather Than Guzzle

This is pretty obvious, but it needs to be said. Christmas meals are generally indulgent by their nature. It has become the accepted routine. But it doesn’t mean you have to guzzle, just because it is the trend. Though, this also doesn’t mean you have to have a plate with only a stick of celery on it. Just adopt the habit of mindful eating. Enjoy the food, savour the flavours, and appreciate the textures. The act of eating should be enjoyment, not guzzling for the sake of guzzling.

Avoid The Hot Zones

Now we’re getting to the really tricky stuff. Holiday seasons are when the cakes, cookies, and other delicious treats start appearing everywhere. You’d think they multiplied naturally, given how they seem to appear seemingly of their own accord.

This phenomenon creates indulgent hotspots, namely kitchen counters and office kitchens. Step near the hotspots and the cookies seem to simply gravitate into your mouth. We joke, of course, but seriously, avoid inhaling treats just because they’re on offer. They are optional, after all.

Limit your festive season sugar intake
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Get Your Rest

Staying healthy over Christmas isn’t just about eating carefully. It turns out that, according to statistics, this period is also when most land up not getting enough rest. Probably due to all the family fuss and celebrations. Try not to skimp on sleep. A lack of sleep will quickly add up, and you’ll find yourself in the dumps in no time at all. Don’t forget that sleep is one of the major cornerstones of staying healthy and keeping fighting fit.

Remember Proteins And Fibre

Getting into some specifics, remember to pay attention to your dietary needs regardless of what sort of cookies and treats are flying around your head. Don’t forget, proteins and fibres are key to keeping you healthy while also managing potentially unwanted weight gain. So turkey and vegetables really aren’t the worst things in the world. You can safely fill up and not be too worried about the impact on your body. In fact, it will likely do you a world of good.

Liquid Calories Are The Devil

The zone in which you really want to watch out or suffer the consequences, is the liquid calories. The eggnog, liquor and hot chocolate are seriously dangerous, and one of the main reasons that weight is gained over the holidays. Your hair may just turn white out of sheer horror when you learn how many calories are in a single glass of eggnog. Yes, the stuff sure is delicious, but it will absolutely destroy any diet you happen to be on.

But, just to be clear, you don’t necessarily have to avoid drinking, or enjoyment, entirely. There are many alcoholic beverages that are perfectly fine, as long as you are careful about your choices. The best solution is, again, to bring your own, so you know what is going into your body. Best of all; you can enjoy the celebrations with everyone else, and get up to just as much mischief when you’re nice and merry.

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