UFO sighting

In the days of The X-Files , aliens and UFOs went through a surge in popularity. Like the many shows and movies that depict aliens and UFOs, the creators must have gotten the idea from somewhere. Even Hilary Clinton offered out information that the US government may have about their existence. Which makes one wonder why American citizens tend to be the abductees of choice. Something in the water maybe?

Alien Support Groups

The truth is that this fascinating phenomenon is reportedly quite common.  So common in fact that there are numerous support groups for the experiencers and their families. Kind of like AA, but for alien abductees. With hundreds of reports of abductions and sightings spanning 60 years it’s no wonder that these support groups can be found around the world.

Statistically, the belief that aliens exist is almost as high as the belief in God. With just those few weirdos left over, who don’t believe in anything at all.  To be clear it isn’t an either-or scenario, many Christians believe in aliens and many alien believers relate to no faith at all.

The belief in aliens and UFOs took such a grip on the world’s imagination, that well-known talk shows like Oprah started interviewing experiencers to get their ‘true stories”. I know few people who would get themselves abducted to get onto one of her giveaway shows.

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Witnesses and Continuous Abductions

Of the many reports, one of the most well documented cases of abduction (if you believe) or experience (if you don’t) is Travis Walton. Travis, an American logger was abducted in 1975. He was found 5 days later claiming to have been under the observation of aliens. Interestingly his abduction took place in front of some of his co-workers. They claim to have seen the UFO before driving away for fear of their lives.

Hillary Porter claims that she was first abducted from her parent’s backyard at the age of five. Since then, she has been abducted repeatedly by reptilian aliens and has bruising and injection marks after each encounter.

Whether or not you believe, studies show that the encounters are very real for the people who experience them. The most widely accepted theory was posed by John E Mack, who suggested that the story originated due to post-traumatic stress from an event the abductees did not want to remember.

Social Media is to Blame

Access to information has been blamed for the diminishing number of believers in extra-terrestrials.  As we all know, if it’s not on Facebook then does it really exist? It is more likely that social media’s power to affect everything, from the success of a job interview to the success of your business, is forcing believers to stay silent.  After all, the existence of aliens is not openly accepted and therefor runs the risk of ridicule.

Besides, if you believe in aliens do you really want people to know that you’re crazy?

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